Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Return of Dexter

Tonight, one of my most favorite shows EVER returns for its fifth season. Dexter is back! At long last!

Woohoo! Season 5!

Thursday night, Eric and I got to see an early showing of tonight's season premiere. Showtime was offering early screenings in a number of different cities, and naturally, New York was included. And naturally, I had to be there.

However, I must say that in comparison to last year's events for the season premiere (including free Dexter cocktails and goody-bags containing Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD at Lord & Taylor) and the finale (including cast appearances, buffet, and full open bar at the Sheraton in Times Square), last night's event was quite a let-down. They went out of Manhattan for this one, and held it at the Sheraton in Brooklyn. I don't really go to Brooklyn (except for Grimaldi's Pizza, of course), so clearly it shows how much I love this show that I ventured to a whole other borough just to see it. And let me tell you - it was sketchy. Not a nice neighborhood. I was not a fan.

But, we made it to the hotel. The screening was held in the bar area, which was much less crowded than the finale party I went to. There was very limited seating but Eric and I found a couple seats in a good area, and staked our claim. I bought a drink from the bar (no open bar, Dexter cocktails or buffet here! Just regular old $9 glasses of house wine and overpriced bar food) and we waited for the show to start, as we were about 45 minutes early.

 See Dexter being totally creepy behind me?

 Waiting for the show to start

However, about 10 minutes before the show was to start, we were informed you had to have tickets to sit where we were. There was no signage, nor had I ever heard a thing about VIP tickets, so we were pretty annoyed that we had been allowed to spend our time "saving" those seats only to be told to move, when all other available seats in the place were taken. Rude.

So, we stood in the back behind those seats for the show. The other thing that I have to mention about this bar is that I am pretty sure the floor has NEVER BEEN MOPPED. Ever. I have never, ever in my life walked on something so sticky, and that includes all the times in my life that I have stepped in gum. I mean, at one point, I tried to lift my foot, and my foot lifted out of my shoe which was STILL STUCK TO THE FLOOR. I am not making that up for the sake of description - that literally, honestly and truly happened. Disgusting.

But, the show itself was great, of course! I won't give away anything so you all can watch it tonight, but I will just say it was much less dramatic for the finale. I think it really just set things up for this season though, so I am super excited. I seriously love this show.


After the show they held a raffle for some Dexter prizes (mugs, keychains, action figures, Season 4 DVD sets). We were close to the winning numbers a couple times, but no such luck. Bummer. So, back on the subway to Manhattan at last.

For all you Dexter fans out there - enjoy the show tonight! And if you are not a Dexter fan, you are a crazy person. You're missing out!

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