Friday, September 25, 2009

Dexter (and I) ♥ NY

Have I mentioned lately that I love New York? You never know what you might stumble across to turn a so-so night into a fun one.

Yesterday evening I had a job interview, which I didn't even mention on here beforehand because I wasn't sure it would pan out. I think the interview went well, but I was NOT excited about the job itself. If they call to offer me the position, I'll be turning it down. It just was not a good fit for me. Bummer, right? Eh, chalk it up to more interview experience.

But, the office I was interviewing in was just blocks from Eric's office, and by the time I was done Eric was also ready to get off work. I wanted to run down to Herald Square to pick something up, so we decided to walk together. As we passed Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue, we stumbled across something FUN!

First things first, how many of you watch Dexter? Because let me tell you what, I love me some Dexter. Seriously, LOVE that show. Our friends Leah and Chris got me hooked on it while we were still in DC, and I finally sucked Eric in during Season 3 last year. Season 4 starts this Sunday and I am psyched. If you're not familiar with this show, basically it's about a serial killer with a conscience, of sorts. He has a "code" he follows when he decides who to kill - he only kills people who deserve it. And of course, he spends his days working as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department. What else would he do for a living?

For those of you who don't know me very well, you may not realize that I have a total fascination with serial killers. I first realized my obsession when my mom dropped me off at college, and as she left she mentioned that it was the tenth anniversary of the serial killer in Gainesville. At first I was a little freaked out, but then I got to Googling, and was fascinated by what I read about the Gainesville Ripper. I have now read basically everything I can get my hands on about that killer, Danny Rolling, among others. It's what inspired my forensic psychology degree, as well. So really, Dexter is right up my alley.

Anyway. The new season starts on Sunday, and they have been having some Dexter events around town to promote it. Earlier this week, Eric went over to Grand Central to see a mosaic of Dexter made out of blood slides. They also had other props there, like the fingertips in ice from the first season, and the Skinner's Knife from Season 3. I didn't make it out there to see all this, but Eric was nice enough to send me pictures.

Dexter mosaic made out of blood slides

Fingertips in ice, courtesy of the Ice Truck Killer in Season 1

The Skinner's knife from Season 3

Last night, without even knowing it was going on, we came across another great Dexter event, even better than this display at Grand Central! Lord & Taylor had just unveiled their Dexter-themed window displays, and the blood slide mosaic was set up outside the store. There were people standing there to take your picture with the mosaic, then they gave you coupons for a Dexter gift bag you could claim (along with your picture) on the tenth floor of the store. So, of course Eric and I had our picture taken, and after admiring the window displays, we headed up to the tenth floor.

With the Dexter mosaic

My favorite of the window displays, showing strings set up for blood splatter analysis, as Dexter does for a living
(Blood splatter analysis was also my favorite topic in my college Forensics class!)

"Slice of Life" window display - there's "Dexter" holding a knife by the baby carriage, since in the new season he is expecting a baby with his new wife.
I assume the woman in this display is meant to be Rita, his wife, and her children Cody and Astor.

This one looked like the police station - evidence tags everywhere, and donuts on the table. Dexter always brings donuts for his co-workers. He's so considerate.

When we got to the tenth floor, it was a par-tay! There were all sorts of people milling about, enjoying free Dexter cocktails, which were vodka mixed with some red stuff that, judging by the taste of this drink, was little more than water and red food-coloring. We also picked up our gift bags, which included copies of Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, and the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. We also picked up our picture and admired the other Dexter-related displays they had around, like the kill plan for Miguel Prado from Season 3.

Sipping my Dexter drink next to the kill plan for Miguel Prado

I must admit, I did not finish my cocktail (holy strong drink, Batman!), but we had a great time at this little event we just wandered past by accident. And that is the beauty of this city - you never know what you may come across. I was assuming my evening was basically a waste of time because my interview didn't pan out, and then I found this fun little cocktail party in honor of my favorite fictional killer! Only in New York, my friends...only in New York.


AD said...

You are one crazy maven of the macabre! :-)

Molly said...

No way, that is awesome! I had to skip the parts where you talked about Season 3, though, because we aren't quite through that one yet :)