Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Did I Hold Onto The Ball?"

Holy cow. Last night was scary. Very scary.

Eric and I had a great day out yesterday (more on that later this week), then stayed in to watch the Gators play Kentucky at night. The game was going very well. The Gators went up 31-0 in the first quarter (!), but then slowed down a bit and Kentucky even scored. In the third quarter, the Gators seemed to be in position to score again, but a couple of penalties backed them up a bit. happened. Tebow got sacked, and as he came down, he hit his head on the knee of a fellow Gator. Over and over again ESPN showed us how Tebow's head went backwards with the initial hit then snapped forward again after hitting his teammate's knee. Meanwhile, Tebow lay motionless on the field.

When I saw him just laying there on the field, not moving, I think my heart actually stopped. I nearly cried. You could see the concern on the faces of the Gator fans at the game, and I'm sure around the nation. The whole Gator team even went out on the field to see if he was okay. He just wasn't moving! I was just thinking, "forget about our Championship hopes this season, just let Tebow be alright." It was very scary. I even told Eric that this is why I don't want our future children to play football. I can't even imagine what his poor parents felt as all this was unfolding.

Tebow did eventually get up and walk off the field. Coach Urban Meyer said the first thing Tebow said to him when he went over to him was, "did I hold onto the ball?" Oh, the Tebow we all know and love! He was eventually taken to the hospital for tests and observation. It looks like he has a concussion, and thankfully nothing more serious seems to be going on.

I'm so glad he's okay. And, the Gators have an off week next weekend, so they have two weeks for Tebow to rest and for them to knock out this flu bug that apparently has been making the rounds through the team, as well. Hopefully they'll come back refreshed and strong to play LSU in two weeks! I'll be praying for a quick recovery for Tim Tebow and the rest of my beloved Gators!

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