Monday, September 28, 2009

Celebrating 5 Years of Achilles Fun


Birthday boy!

Today is Achilles' sixth "birthday," which really means it's the fifth anniversary of his adoption. When we adopted him, the vet estimated he was a year old, so we celebrate his birthday on the anniversary of the day we got him. It has been five years since we brought him home with us already! I can hardly believe it. In those five years, he has given us more than our share of both laughs and headaches. As he gets older, he is calming down a little bit (crate escapes notwithstanding) and his face, which was once as black as could be, is getting progressively whiter. Other than that, he's the same sweet pup we first met at that shelter in Gainesville.

Achilles then and now:
On the left, the picture of him posted on the shelter website. On the right, looking goofy just a month ago. Look how much whiter his snout is!

Achilles is a spoiled dog, as we all know. So of course, we must celebrate his birthday in a grand fashion. Last night we had his "party," because his good friend Eric might have to work late tonight. We sang to him and then let him go to town on a doggy birthday cake we bought for him. He loved it!

"Well, this looks interesting."

"Oh, yum!"

"Why do you keep interrupting me to take my picture?"

Achilles and his good friend Eric

Today, weather-permitting, I'll be taking him to the dog park for some fun free time, and he also gets a new bone today. See? Spoiled. But, he's not just spoiled by us, either! For the first time in his life, Achilles got some mail this weekend. His Grammy (my mom) sent him a birthday card! Isn't that sweet? He was so flattered.

Look! It was addressed to him and everything!
(Addresses have been removed to protect the innocent)


Loved this little guy hiding out on the back of the card

I realize if you don't have a dog (or even just aren't as into your dog as I am) you may think I'm a bit unhinged for doing all this, but this dog has just really become a part of our family. He brings us so much joy and we're so glad to have him. Happy birthday, Achilles! We love you, pups!

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Happy Birthday, Achilles!