Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Celebs In The City

You may have noticed a feature I added to the blog some time ago, at the bottom of all the various things on the right hand side: our NYC celebrity sighting list. We've been having a great time keeping our eyes peeled for celebs around town. Eric sees most of them, considering that every day he walks across town to and from work, past all the happening areas (such as Rockefeller Center/The Today Show). In the last year, our list has really been growing.

For all you Sex and the City fans out there, today was a fun day I thought I would share with you! As you may or may not know, the new Sex and the City movie is currently filming here in NYC. Through the magic of Twitter and celeb-sighting blogs, I have been able to keep tabs on where the filming is taking place from day-to-day. Today I learned they would be filming at 59th Street and 5th Avenue, by the Plaza hotel. Since I had nothing pressing to do today, I figured I would check it out.

Aaaand....success! I was able to see all four of the SATC ladies filming a scene. They were entering Bergdorf Goodman - Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) were walking east on 58th Street, then Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) joined them from the opposite direction. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) then called out "Ladies!" then ran up to them, then then all walked in to the store together. The filmed this quite a few times, so I had quite a few chances to catch a glimpse despite the huge crowds of fans that had gathered! I was a little ways away, but I did get a few pictures.

The site of the filming at Bergdorf Goodman

Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie

Sarah Jessica Parker between takes

All four ladies as Samantha runs up to meet them

Also, on my way there, I passed former Gator basketball star (and now Chicago Bull) Joakim Noah! An enormous, skinny guy with crazy hair walked right past me and I'm sure it was him. What a celeb-filled day!

In other news, I had a fabulous weekend with Molly and Heather! In true Meghan & Molly form, a bajillion pictures were taken, so I'm sorting through those and I'll be back to post about our weekend in the next day or two, so stay tuned!

Update: On his way home from work this afternoon, Eric saw Michael Douglas getting out of a limo and signing autographs by the Letterman show. There's another one for the list! What a productive celeb sighting day!

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