Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eric's Weekend At Home

This past weekend, Eric went to Florida for a visit with his family. He had planned to go home for Toni's birthday at the beginning of the month, but postponed the trip for various reasons (that ended up being unnecessary, but what can you do?). From what I hear, he had a great time. Kelley took a couple days off work to spend time with him, he stayed with Gramz at her new house, and got to see Toni quite a bit. He got a good shuffleboarding lesson from Gramz, took Toni shopping at WalMart, saw Kelley's new house, met a baby, ate some good food, played some horseshoes, golfed with an old high school friend, saw a childhood friend's new house, and learned some lessons about family. All in all, he had a nice time.

And while doing all that, Eric also got some great pictures:

Eric and Gramz playing some shuffleboard

Eric and Gramz

Kelley and Susan preparing dinner for everybody

Family gathering at Kelley's house: Gramz (and her dog), Toni, Kelley, family friend Mrs. Smith and her daugher Leighanne, and Leighanne's baby Alexander
(and Susan is in the background there, too!)

Cute family photo!

The dog and the baby sharing a moment


Eric and his awesome mom

I think my ovaries just skipped a beat.

Playing horseshoes with Buzz

Kelley made a Meghan-on-a-Stick for the weekend! Here is the stick version of me hanging out with Toni

Love these two.

Thanks to everyone who made such an effort to spend time with Eric and show him such a nice time while he was in town. You guys are the best!

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Toni looks so great!!!