Monday, October 19, 2009

My Baby Husband

I must admit, this post has been in the works since Eric went to Florida for the weekend when Toni was having surgery. I've just been too lazy to make it happen. But I'm ready now!

I really haven't seen that many pictures of Eric as a baby. I've seen a few, and up until recently, this was my most favorite of all I had seen:

Awwww. It IS awfully adorable. I shared this with you last Christmas - this is the W. kids in 1987, complete with totally creepy (and possibly drunk) Santa. LOVE.

But, when Eric went home to visit this recent time, he did some more looking through pictures, and Gramz was kind enough to let Eric bring a whole bunch of them back for me to see. That is, for me to see and absolutely die over. Did you know that my husband was quite possibly the cutest little kid ever? I kid you not. Let's enjoy a blast from the W. past, shall we?

Awwww, BABIES! This is Gramz holding Ronnie and Baby Eric. Did you know that Ronnie and Eric were both born in 1982? Ronnie was born in late January, and Eric on the first of December. Now, I've never actually birthed a child nor have I had to handle a newborn day in and day out, but I would imagine that having two babies in one calendar year has earned Toni some sort of major award. Maybe a Nobel Peace Prize or a Heisman trophy or something. Seriously. Also, I love Gramz in this picture. I think this picture shows how she and Toni look alike. Also, it makes me think of a picture I have of baby me on my Nana's lap, which is one of my favorite pictures of Nana. Grandmas must have really good laps.

Ah! We've added another baby to the mix! Welcome to the pictures, baby Kelley! Aren't they all just darling?

HA! Oh, Eric, what a face! Eric is a goofball, Kelley looks so sweet, and Ronnie is just really enjoying his finger puppets. Good times.

Love this one of the W. kids with their Grandpa. Grandpa passed away not long after Eric and I started dating. I know the kids loved him a lot and I'm glad I got to meet him before he passed.

All dressed up! Look how adorable! The little suits, Kelley's little dress, the whole bit. Eric is even smiling that smile of his that I love - the one where he is really smiling, not just posing for the picture. Love it.

Oh, another precious Christmas picture! I especially like that Eric is already sporting his orange and blue. So cute.

Oh boy. This is where I started to die. I know I'm posting these out of order, but OMG LOOK AT BABY ERIC. Look at the chubby cheeks. Look at that adorable smile. Look at the little rubberband wrists. I think my ovaries just skipped a beat.

And then there's this. Oh my. The rubberband wrists are prominently displayed once again, complete with cute little fist. And the smushed face into his mother's shoulder? I might actually cry, it's so sweet.

I loved seeing all these pictures of my husband as a little kid. I think he was adorable, and so were his siblings. But this last one....oh, my word. This one takes the cake in my book. It is my new most favorite picture of my husband. It is so darling, I realize that I actually won't mind - in fact, I might even prefer - if my future children look nothing like me, and only look like their father. I think I actually squealed with joy when Eric pulled this one out. Because, SO. CUTE. Just look for yourself:

He looks like such a little gentleman! I love this picture so much, I even find his Yankees shirt cute, and I's the Yankees. Ick. But even the Yankees are oh, so precious in this situation.

Because I am unemployed and have a lot of time on my hands, I decided to do the crazy psycho girlfriend thing and take the above picture of Eric and merge it with a picture of me at about the same age to see what our future children may look like. Ha! I need a job. Anyway, I used this picture of me, when I was almost three years old:

So, according to, the above two pictures of Baby Eric and Baby Meghan merge together to create this future Baby W.:

Hmmm. Not too bad, no? Sure, the hair and ears are a little sketchy. But it looks like the internet thinks our future child will inherit Eric's lips and my eyes, which isn't bad. Altogether not a hideous mash-up, but I still won't be sad if my future baby* looks just like this guy:

Oh, be still my heart.

*To my mom (and anyone else who might get the wrong idea) - In no way is this post trying to hint that I am expecting. Nobody is pregnant in this household. This is all just internet fun. Please enjoy this post accordingly.


Dad said...

You are too funny. Make sure you hang onto that morphed pic to compare whenever.

Love you guys

Becky said...

I am a little late seeing this, but I cracked up at the small print at the end of this blog. I think your future baby looks absolutely lovely!! Of course, being a future Grammie, I think that ANY future baby will look adorable!! :-)