Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What We've Been Up To

I feel like I've kind of been slacking on my blogging the past couple of weeks. I think I'm just trying to find my stride now that our crazy summer (which provided SO MUCH blogging material) has slowed down and now we're back to regular life. We still have been doing lots of fun things, though! Care to hear (and see) what we've been up to for the past couple of weeks?

Last week I was sick with a cold, but I got over it. Eric took great care of me as always.

Once I felt better, I decorated our apartment for Halloween.

Halloween tree (in silhouette) and Happy Halloween stickers on our window

Adorable little pumpkin!

(We actually have more Halloween/Fall decorations than pictured above, but you get the idea.)

I have been trying to get out of the house with Achilles as much as possible before it gets too cold for him to spend any length of time outside (or for me, for that matter). So, we've been spending some time in Central Park which he loves (he loves the grass) and at the dog park. One day we even went to the dog park during a wind advisory. That was not advisable. It was actually rather unpleasant.

Achilles in Central Park

VIDEO: Achilles enjoying the grass in Central Park

Eric has been seeing some great stuff in the Rockefeller Center area. He saw some big cranberry setup courtesy of Ocean Spray, including a cranberry bog manned by real cranberry farmers. His favorite feature of this event was the free samples of craisins and cranberry juice. He also caught an acoustic performance by Jimmy Fallon at the NBC store one morning, and last night as he was passing through he caught sight of Mel Gibson. (Eric is such a good celebrity-sighter! He has also seen Dustin Hoffman and Stephen Colbert in the last week or so.)

Cranberries in Rockefeller Center

Jimmy Fallon at the NBC store

Mel Gibson on the street, just south of Rockefeller Center

On Friday night I had dinner with some other Sigma Phi Lambda alums (that was the Christian sorority I was a member of in college) who also live in New York. Three other girls showed up and we had a great time. It's nice to make new friends!

This weekend we did a lot of shopping because we have been invited to a Gala for the American Skin Association at the Plaza Hotel later this month! So, I need a formal dress, hence the shopping. That will be very exciting.

Also, on Saturday, we went to Gin Mill, a local bar that hosts the Gotham Gators alumni club, to watch the Florida v. LSU game. I was super worried about my boyfriend, Tim Tebow, and the Gators for this one, but they pulled out the win. Go Gators!

With Eric at Gin Mill

Yesterday, my friend Amanda and I did some more celebrity stalking. Eric and I had seen signs on Sunday that said Sex and the City would be filming not far from our apartment on Monday, so Amanda and I decided to go scope it out. We managed to see Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) going back and forth from her trailer to the Empire Hotel (where they were filming) a couple times, and once she was walking with Mario Cantone (Anthony). We then stopped for some Starbucks and Mario Cantone was in line in front of us! Then, we were just wandering around a bit more, and we saw Willie Garson (Standford) just hanging out on the street, and we got a picture with him! Very successful celebrity stalking, I must say.

Great signage for celebrity stalkers like us!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Mario Cantone, and a security guard!

Amanda, Willie Garson, and me!

So the bottom line is, we've been having fun the past couple of weeks: celeb sightings, Central Park, shopping, friends, Gator football. What more could you want?


Anonymous said...

The video of your dog is awesome!!! lol


Dad said...

But the question I have is "what was Achilles rolling in anyway?"