Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun with Friends

So, I mentioned in my last post how busy Eric has been lately. I'll tell you what, it hasn't slowed down this week at all. On Wednesday night, for example, he didn't get home from work until 3:00 in the morning! Can you believe it? That's outrageous.

So basically, I have been sans husband this whole week. I have been so thankful to have my friend Amanda in town, because we've been doing all sorts of fun things in Eric's absence. On Tuesday night, we went to a free concert and showing of "The Wizard of Oz" in Central Park. The concert featured a lot of the "Wizard of Oz" songs, performed by Julianne Hough (from "Dancing with the Stars") and Jennifer Hudson. It was a great concert! Man, that Jennifer Hudson sure can belt it out. Then, of course, the movie was great fun. I just love outdoor movies, especially because everyone gets so into it. Like, everyone cheered when Toto escaped from Mrs. Gulch's basket, and the Wicked Witch melting was met with thunderous applause. I just love that, it makes it so much more fun! The only downside was the chilly weather - Amanda and I were bundled up in sweaters and under blankets, but it still was pretty cold. I've been fighting off a cold ever since!

The screen for the movie showing

The stage for the concert

Bundled up and ready for the show to begin!

Julianne Hough

Jennifer Hudson

Movie time!

On Wednesday night, Amanda and I met up again for a Southeastern Conference Happy Hour. It was great to get together for drinks with other southern folk who love college football as much as we do! I met some nice people and had a great time hanging out with Amanda and some of her friends.

With Amanda at the SEC Happy Hour

It has just been so nice to have Amanda in town. I'll be bummed when her contract is up (she's a travel nurse) and she leaves in a couple months! I forgot how much fun it is to have girl friends to hang out with. But, hopefully some of the people I am meeting as she and I hit the town together will turn into lasting friends as well.

A couple of entertaining stories (well, at least to me) from Wednesday night...first was a new pickup line I had the pleasure of hearing. As a psychology major in college, I got my fair share of "oh, are you analyzing me right now?" type lines, but this one was a first. This guy, upon hearing that I studied psychology, said to me, "oh, that's PERFECT! I've been meaning to find a therapist to help me deal with my recent divorce." And he was dead serious. I mean, I applaud his self-awareness and desire to deal with a major life change in a healthy way. I really do. I think making therapy mandatory for anyone affected by divorce wouldn't be a bad idea, so I am impressed with his willingness to admit his need for help. That's great. But....not so great as a pickup line on a girl in a bar. This guy was a little strange, I'll say, and he refused to believe I couldn't become his personal shrink no matter how many times I told him I am not a therapist and even if I was, I do not practice in New York. I talked to him for a while then politely excused myself and wished him the best. Hope he finds someone good to talk to!

Also, on our way home, Amanda and I saw quite possibly the most outrageous thing that I've seen since moving here. We saw a homeless man on the sidewalk, chillin' out in a recliner, WATCHING HIS LITTLE TV he had propped up on a folding chair. He was apparently stealing some electricity from a bar, with an extension cord coming out from under the door (this was late at night, so the bar was already closed). It was really a nice little setup. It just raised a lot of questions for me - where did he get these things? What does he do with them during the day? Where does he store his TV when it rains? Does he know where to go to get the best reception? Etc., etc. Oh, New York.

Now, I am resting up and trying to fight off this little bit of a cold I seem to have picked up in Central Park. Eric seems to think he should be free this weekend, which would be wonderful. The Gators have a bye week, so we might meet up with Amanda for the Georgia v. LSU game (even though she graduated from UF, she's a Georgia fan, do you believe it?). Regardless of what we do, I'm sure we'll have a great time!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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