Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Psychedelic Empire State Building

Since moving into this apartment in February, we have loved keeping an eye on the Empire State Building to see how it is lit up each night. In all fairness, it's not really a task, since we can see it from our dinner table! But we like to keep track of when it will be lit up nicely and for what reason. You can see how it has been lit for the last year and how it will be lit in the coming months by checking the Empire State Building website, so I do that often. They light it up in all sorts of colors for all sorts of things - holidays, sporting events, various causes, etc. My favorite up until now has either been when it was orange and blue (for the Mets, but in my head it was for the Gators!), or when it was red and pink (our wedding colors) for Valentine's Day.

However, this past Monday night we saw probably the fanciest lighting scheme of all: "psychedelic tie-dye!" Well, as tie-dye as you can make a building, anyway. It was in honor of the New York Historical Society's Benefit for Grateful Dead Exhibition and Archive, apparently. Each side was lit with three different colors: the north side was purple, orange and yellow; the west side was green, purple and red; the south was yellow, red and blue; and the east was orange, blue and green. From our place, we are able to see both the north and west sides, so we got a pretty good effect! Check it out:

The Empire State Building adding a splash of color to our nighttime view!

Closer shot - so fancy!

In other (but related) news, did I ever mention that we resigned our lease for another year from February? So, we have this apartment until February 2011. And thanks to Eric's negotiating, our rent even went down a little bit! Go Eric! Have you ever heard of people paying less rent the longer they live in New York? I haven't! Needless to say, I'm glad that so long as we're in New York, we'll have this view to admire during dinner every night. Love it.

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