Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Ready for Halloween?

We are! Well, just about. We just need to pick up a couple more things for Eric's costume, but Achilles and I are all set to go on the costume front. Last night we also carved our pumpkin...but you'll have to stay tuned for pictures of all of these things!

As we look forward to this Halloween, I thought I would post a couple pictures of Halloweens past. Included in those Eric baby pictures I loved so much was this gem of Eric and Ronnie one Halloween:

Awww, look at the cute little Sesame Street costumes! Ronnie is Big Bird and Eric is Oscar the Grouch. Personally, I kind of thought that Eric should recreate this picture and be Oscar the Grouch once again. I mean, can't you just picture him in this?:

But, it's not going to happen. Maybe we'll just keep it in mind for next year.

Also, as I was going through baby pictures of Heather for her Bon Voyage post, I found what is probably my favorite picture of us from a childhood Halloween:

I think I make a very scary ghost, especially accompanied by my trusty sidekick, Sharri, in her witch costume. Also, can we address Heather's cuteness? Does she not look like she might just roll away? Cutest pumpkin ever!

So, we're getting very excited for Halloween this year. We have good costumes and lots of fun plans. But...before we can get dressed up for Halloween, we will be getting dressed up in our black-tie finery for dinner, drinks and dancing at the Plaza tonight! So stay tuned for pictures of that as well - this is quite the fun week for us!

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