Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweet Little Face

We attempted some solid foods this week with E.J., and I must has not been going particularly well. This is a kid who will put just about anything in his mouth—I mean, he will go back for second and third helpings of Daddy's running shoes, if we let him—but heaven forbid you try to give him some pureed sweet potato on a spoon. He'll clamp that little mouth shut and that sweet potato can just go right back where it came from, thank you very much.

But, although the solid-food-eating has not been successful, the photography has been. In fact, I managed to snap another one of my favorite E.J. pictures to date the other morning, while he was still smiling sweetly at me and not yet flinging mushy vegetables all over my dining room. Just look at this little guy:

He sure does have the face of a little angel, doesn't he?


AD said...

This may just be my favorite of your little man so far.

Becky said...

The sweetest. BTW, Gramps was ooohing and aaaahing over this picture when I talked to him.