Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Eve at Busch Gardens

As you may recall, we went down to St. Petersburg for actual Christmas. We ended up driving down on December 23rd, stopping for donuts and a swing for E.J. to nap in along the way. Priorities!

E.J. in the driver's seat! This was the happiest he was for the entire trip. Good times.

We didn't do much on the 23rd; mostly just hang out at my dad's house and tried to get the kids settled in. On the morning of Christmas Eve, however, we were looking for something to do. We decided to head out to Busch Gardens for a couple of hours. Our annual passes from my sister expired at the end of the year, so we wanted to get in one last free visit - and, it was E.J.'s first!

We didn't do a whole lot while we were there, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the (overcast but hot) day. We looked at the animals, and saw the elephants putting on a bit of a show...

Spitting at us!


...we admired the Christmas Town decorations...


Topiary nativity

...and we rode the train around to check out the animals up close and personal.

On the train


Zebras and rhinos

The most exciting event of the day was Ellie's first roller coaster ride! She was JUST BARELY tall enough to ride the Grover roller coaster in the Sesame Street area of the park. She did great! She did complain that it was loud, but seemed unfazed by the actual speed, drops and twisting (for the record, although this was a kids' coaster, it was the most serious kids' coaster I've personally ever seen!). Way to go, Ellie!

Is she tall enough?

She is! Eric and Ellie are ready to ride!

Here they come!

Two thumbs up after the ride!

Her brother, on the other hand, took a more subdued approach and opted to snooze in my wrap for a bit.

Look at those sleepy cheeks!

And that was really it! A quick visit, to be sure, but a nice way to spend the morning. Thanks again for those passes, Heather!

We love Busch Gardens!

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