Thursday, January 22, 2015

E.J. Worried

Now that I've caught up on all my recapping of holiday events, I want to switch gears for a bit and go back to share some "new baby"-related posts that I've had on my list of things to write about since E.J. was born. There are just a few things I've meant to document, but as life kept happening, they kept getting buried at the bottom of the pile. No longer! This kid is six months old already - time to play catch-up!

The first thing I wanted to record for posterity is something silly: E.J.'s initial reputation as a big old worrywart. Before he started smiling incessantly, he was often seen sporting a very worried little expression. I think it was all in the eyebrows and the forehead wrinkles, really. But whatever it was, he tended to look like a worried little old man and it was so cute.

He's not super worried here, but tell me he doesn't look like a serious little old man in blue doggie slippers.

I mean, I get it - life must be SUPER overwhelming when you're just starting out. Heck, it still is. I'm a known worrier myself, so I totally sympathize. Poor little baby E.J. just didn't really hold anything back.

Of course, sometimes he was worried with very good reason, like when he was in the hospital at 10 days old with a fever:

We were ALL worried then.

And he was often worried that Ellie was literally going to love him to death (a fair concern, to be sure):


Not so sure about the from-behind sneak attack.

But sometimes it just seemed that he was trying to carry the weight of the world on his little tiny shoulders.

E.J. worried...

About getting the perfect burp:

When you're a brand new baby, burping is one of the few things people actually expect you to do.

About being a "big strong boy" and growing up too fast:

Like his mother, E.J. thinks he should slow his growing-up down immediately.

About the life ahead of him, filled with dress-up and doll play according to Ellie's whims:

Worried about being a pretty, pretty princess, as Ellie proclaimed him to be

He just doesn't really know what he's supposed to do next.

About being entrusted with one of Ellie's favorite toys:

This is a lot of pressure.

About Mama always wanting him to pose for adorable selfies:

Yes, you really are supposed to be cute all the time. Sorry, kid.

That perhaps we were overdoing the baseball thing for him a bit:

"My whole room is covered in baseballs, and now I myself am dressed like a baseball literally from head to toe. WHERE DOES IT STOP, I ASK YOU."

About being smothered with love (a common concern) by out-of-town relatives:

"Is this lady too jetlagged to be trusted with a baby?"

About the 2014 Gator football season (we were with you on that one, buddy):

He was concerned for Muschamp's future from the get-go.

And relatedly, about the pressure to be the next Heisman-winning Gator quarterback:

Don't worry, buddy. You'll grow into it.

And sometimes, only he knew what that furrowed little brow was all about:

I'm pretty sure there are some deep thoughts going on in that little baby head.

Poor little man! It's a rough life, being a baby with so many cares in the world.

Of course, as soon as he mastered smiling, the furrowed brow dissipated and his reputation shifted from that of "worried little old man" to "world's happiest baby." Sure, he still worries from time to time (who doesn't?), but for the most part, it seems that he has learned to just go along for the ride and make the most of things. Good for you, little man! Way to turn that frown upside down! Of course, we'll love you just the same, worried or not!

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Becky said...

Such an expressive face, but I'm glad he's turned into a smiley guy! :)