Thursday, November 20, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

I have had so much to tell you about lately, what with Halloween and various other fun fall activities and such, and now I once again find myself behind on posting about actual daily activities. You know, the day-to-day stuff that happens in between all the big, crazy stuff! So let's catch up a little, shall we?

Let's start with this past weekend. I told you yesterday about Eric's Saturday voyage to Gainesville for the Kappa Phi event, and on Sunday we walked out to San Marco Square for the San Marco Arts Festival. It was a gorgeous day and we had a very nice time admiring the art and checking out some local establishments.

Art festival-ing with the kids!

Happy little hippo

As for other things that have happened in the last month or so...

Both kids had well visits with the pediatrician (2.5 years for Ellie and 4 months for E.J.). Both received a clean bill of health. E.J. also received two shots, from which he recovered miraculously well. Ellie received no shots, which led to a tantrum complete with wailing, "I just want a shoooooot!" Okay, kid. Whatever you say.

Both children mere moments after E.J.'s shots

E.J. found his feet:

So pleased

We hit the playgrounds regularly:

Play time!

We enjoyed the last few days of late sunsets with picnics at the train park:

Pizza picnic!

E.J. endured a pacifier malfunction...:

When pacifiers attack!

...and rocked some great headwear:

Courtesy of cousin Santiago's hand-me-downs

We went to the zoo, because we always go to the zoo:

This girl loves that carousel

We moved E.J. into his crib in his own room at night (but not without a little quality assurance check by Ellie first):

Everything seems to be in order!

Once in the crib, E.J. figured out how to sleep on his side and suck his thumb:

So precious.

I got crafty and made Ellie a ring sling so she could wear her baby doll:

Just like Mama!

We went to Pajama Day at storytime, and E.J. rocked it:

Loves storytime!

Meanwhile, Ellie and Lambie played a game of "Who Wore It Better?:"


I tortured Ellie by treating her to a Disney princesses balloon, because clearly I am the worst:

It was a very traumatic experience.

E.J. suckered us into buying him this Fisher Price Seahorse, because THIS FACE:

How could we resist?

The play mat saw a lot of action...:

Family time!

...and got left in the dust sometimes by this little guy who loves a good scoot these days:

I think he's lost.

We also kept working on tummy time, because CAN THIS KID PLEASE REMEMBER HOW TO ROLL BELLY TO BACK ALREADY.

Achilles helped.

We lit our first fire in our fireplace:


And the kids continued to be the sweetest little people I've ever seen.

Best buds

Not a bad month!