Friday, July 25, 2014

Recovery and Homecoming

The rest of our stay in the hospital after E.J.'s birth was delightfully uneventful. My recovery was light years better this time than last. Granted, I didn't have the HELLP concerns this time, nor the blood oxygenation issues, etc., etc. Because of all that, I was able to get out of bed much quicker. In fact, they make it a point to get c-section patients out of bed within 12 hours of surgery, so by midnight after E.J.'s birth, I was up and (very slowly) walking around (and by "around" I mean the three feet from the bed to the bathroom, but it totally counts). I was also able to both eat real food and take a shower the next day. All of this was a great improvement from last time, and I think getting out of bed so quickly was key. Sure, I was rocking the pain meds for a couple weeks afterwards, and now, nearly three weeks out, I'm still moving a little slower than normal. But I feel a million times better now than I did at this point after Ellie's c-section, and I'm so grateful for that. My biggest recovery complaints weren't even pain related! Instead I was most whiney about the epic postpartum hot flashes I endured for a couple of days (SO HOT - I used so many ice packs), and the insane swelling of my feet, and well, everything a day or two after we got home from the hospital (stay tuned for our professional newborn photos for proof of that...oof). But I will certainly take those two things over breathing treatments, magnesium and a nearly-hospitalization-worthy kidney infection any day. E.J.'s Birth Recovery for the win!

Because we weren't spending our entire post-birth hospital stay dealing with my health issues, we were instead able to focus on E.J. - a delightful change of pace! We spent most of our time cuddling him and admiring him.


Eric and E.J.

Fussing over my boy

A couple of handsome Erics enjoying some skin-to-skin time

Checking each other out

We also did some eating. I mentioned that my liquid diet was lifted the very next day, but it gets better - because I was breastfeeding, the kitchen sent double portions of every requested meal. Feast!

This is me with two omelets, two servings of bacon, two servings of potatoes, two bagels and a whole bunch of juice. (Don't worry - I shared with Eric!)

We also found an opportunity to FaceTime with my sister in Japan to introduce her to her new nephew!

E.J., meet your Auntie Heather!

The primary way we passed the time, however, was with visits from my mom and Ellie. With each visit, Ellie got more and more brave in terms of interacting with E.J. The day after he was born, her big "step forward" was blowing raspberries at him when asked to kiss him (ha!) and touching his head.

My mom holding her grandson

Getting braver!


Oh, these kids.

The second day (Sunday), however, was when stuff really got cute. Ellie found the courage to "hold" E.J. for the first time (with close supervision by Daddy) and it was just about the cutest thing I ever saw in my life. She was beside herself with happiness and was so, so sweet with him. She was gentle and loving, and if her immediate reaction wasn't enough to melt you into a puddle, she then decided that she should share the stickers she had on her shirt, and took one off and gave it to E.J. And then I died.

Ellie holding her baby brother for the first time

Too much.

VIDEO: Ellie holding E.J. for the first time

Giving him one of her stickers

E.J. sporting his sticker

The hospital was willing to leave it up to us as to when we wanted to go home, either Sunday or Monday. We had originally been leaning towards Monday (I wanted the good pain meds), but by Sunday I was feeling well enough and we were getting tired of having to track every little thing (feeding, diaper changes, etc.). We wanted to get home so we could just do our own thing without interruptions. So, we were ready to head home Sunday afternoon. Not too shabby considering I'd had my c-section only about 48 hours prior! We spent most of Sunday packing up and preparing to hit the road, and finally, we were able to bid farewell to Room 5.

The room we first lived in with our son

The other side

Alright! Let's get out of here!

Of course, E.J. was dressed in his snazziest attire for his big departure!

Two days old and already VERY fancy.

And so we loaded him into his carseat and home we went.

Loves it.

Bye, hospital!

He's ready!

Ellie was pretty excited to have us home, and when we put E.J. in his lamb bouncy seat, she immediately went to get her own lamb mat so she could "sleep on a sheep like E.J." She also threw out an unprompted "I love you, E.J." right away on the first night, just to make sure I was as big of a hormonal emotional mess as possible.

My two kids, both sleeping on sheep

That night we put E.J. to bed in his own crib, and that was it - the start of our life at home as a family of four!

The beginning of something wonderful!

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