Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy "0" Birthday, E.J.!

Our birthday boy!

So now you've heard the whole birth story, and when I left off in my last post, we were back in our room after my c-section, basking in the joy of Eric James.

That afternoon my mom brought Ellie to the hospital to meet her baby brother, and we had ourselves a proper birthday celebration, complete with cupcakes, a "0" candle, balloons, party hats and gifts.

Ellie loved meeting her brother. She was a little hesitant to actually go up to him at first, but she kept saying to me, "Mama! You have a baby!" She was also very excited about the balloons she and Grammy brought from the grocery store ("I brought some balloons, Mama!"). I planned the birthday "party" largely for Ellie's benefit, because she is very into birthdays right now and I thought doing something fun like that would be a good, positive introduction to her baby brother. It was a hit indeed! (It probably didn't hurt that there was cake, and that the only "birthday gift" exchanged was actually a stuffed Daniel Tiger doll from E.J. to Ellie!)

Ellie and Grammy getting their first look at our newest family member

Let's party!

Ellie checking out her new brother

Daddy's hands are full, so Ellie will take over the photography duties!

Father and son

My mom holding her grandson for the first time

Loving that cupcake!

Party kids

Ellie opening her gift from E.J.

It's Daniel Tiger!

Our first photo as a family of four!

The party wasn't the only fun thing we did on E.J.'s first day of life. As you know, it was the Fourth of July, after all. So when the party died down and it was just the three of us left in our room again, we turned on the Macy's NYC Fireworks on TV and watched that. And, to our delight, we realized we could see some of the Jacksonville city fireworks from our hospital window. So, E.J. got his very first dose of birthday fireworks right away. Happy Independence Day indeed, little man!

Watching the NYC fireworks from a bit of a greater distance than we used to

Eric and E.J. watching the Jacksonville fireworks out of our window

Not a bad way to start your life, right?


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