Thursday, July 31, 2014

E.J. Meets Papa

Now that we've got the birth story and hospital talk out of the way, let's catch up on some other things that have been happening since E.J. came along!

About one week after E.J. was born, my dad came up for a visit to meet him. The visit was cut a little shorter than anticipated due to illness, but I think E.J. enjoyed his first encounter with his Papa, and I know Ellie liked having some Papa time. He joined her for story time on Friday, and we all drove past our new rental house (I promise, I'll talk about this eventually) and hit a playground on Saturday. And, E.J. and my dad got in some good quality time while we put Ellie to bed on Friday night.

My dad holding E.J. for the first time

Ellie and her Papa playing at story time and the playground

E.J. and Papa hanging out in the evening

Thanks for coming, Dad/Papa!

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Dad/Papa said...

Loved meeting EJ and seeing you all. Love you