Friday, May 10, 2013

Techie Baby

We just got back from an awesome 48-hour stint in Orlando to visit Sea World, an excellent mini-vacation that was not only just tons of fun but also enabled me to cross an item off my bucket list. But, we'll get to all that next week!

For now, I guess I may as well declare this week "The Week of Ellie Videos" and share yet another one for the third post in a row. Be honest, how sick are you of seeing videos of my kid? I promise, I'll do my best not to become one of those moms who is all, "LET ME SHOW YOU MY SWEET PRECIOUS ANGEL!!!!!!" at all times, but hey, let me show you my sweet precious angel. She's wicked cute.

One of Ellie's current favorite toys is a cell phone. Any cell phone, belonging to any person, anywhere, at any time. She is certain that her favorite app (Fisher Price Animals) comes standard on all iPhones and by golly, if she can see a phone in the immediate vicinity, she will get her hands on it and demand some Animals. She has figured out how to make her desires known very clearly by forcefully shoving said phone into the hands of the nearest adult and tapping on the screen until you make it "go." She's not very subtle, that one. See for yourself:

VIDEO: Ellie loves her apps

Needless to say, I've decided it's time for an iPhone intervention and have started hiding my phone from her whenever I can. I miss being able to use it to take her picture (although that was getting tough to do anyway, because as soon as she noticed me doing so, she'd be crawling right over, ripping it out of my hand and demanding Animals), but now I'm trying to take more daily pictures with the real camera. And frankly, photos aside, something needed to be done. One afternoon she threw quite the tantrum when I wouldn't let her yank the phone out of my hands while I was actually talking to someone on it. Not okay, my dear. I didn't love the idea of her staring at the screen so much anyway, and the tantrum was the last straw that made me all, "You kids today! Put down the phone and go play outside! Read a book! Use your imagination!"

And, I have been walking up in the middle of the night with those Animals jingles in my head. "Trot, trot, trot! That's how a horsey runs!" No. Not okay. iPhone withdrawal starts now.

So, the phone gets hidden and Techie Baby is left banging on Daddy's laptop keyboard, changing settings we didn't even know existed (I knew that would happen someday, but already?!). At least she's found a new outlet, right?


Lauren said...

Too cute!! I love how kids can just play a game on phones now a days but true it does make me kinda sad too we so didn't have that stuff growing up :-)

Meghan said...

Ahh! It's amazing how babies can be so attracted to technology!