Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sea World, Day 2: Splashing and Slime

On Day Two of our mini-vacation to Orlando, we got up at about our usual time that morning and had some breakfast in our room at the Nickelodeon Resort. Because it was vacation, we even let Ellie eat while watching cartoons (it is Nickelodeon, after all!).

Happy camper!

Somehow, just in the short time we stayed at the Nickelodeon Resort, Ellie learned Sponge Bob and was able to recognize him. She thought he was a bird, for whatever reason, so that may have piqued her interest. But not only did she point him out whenever she saw him, she started saying her own version of "Sponge Bob." Sure, it wasn't enunciated appropriately, but the syllables were the same and she always said the exact same thing when she saw him. Smart cookie, that one. Either that or easily brainwashed by Nickelodeon...but we'll just go with the first option.

VIDEO: Ellie Sees Sponge Bob

After breakfast we went out to take advantage of the other cool parts of the resort that I mentioned yesterday: namely, the pool area. The resort had a great big gradual-entry pool with a few fountains and such in the shallow end. There was also a huge climbing structure that sprayed water all over the place for the older kids, and a little spray park for the little kids (which, unfortunately, didn't open for the day until after we left). It also had two hot tubs, including a family-friendly one kept at a lower temperature for the little ones. Super fun!

View of the pool area from the balcony outside our room

We're ready to swim!

The little kids' spray area

Big climbing structure for the big kids

The only thing that was open when we arrived was the main pool, but that was just fine. Ellie had an absolute blast playing in the shallow end and the fountains. That girl has no fear, let me tell you. She'd crawl right out into the water and right through those fountains. If she got a face full of water, hey, that's nothing to cry over. It's all part of the fun!

Love her face. She's all, "you talkin' to ME?!"

Having a blast!

Oh, you silly fountains!

There she goes!

Checking things out with Daddy

Left: Ellie and Eric in a fountain; Right: Having so much fun!

We did take advantage of one more fun Nickelodeon Resort feature during our brief morning at the pool: slime! Twice a day every day, the resort does a mass sliming in the pool area. All are welcome to stand beneath the giant bucket of green goo as it falls. As a Double Dare lover in my youth, I thought this sounded quite fun and we happened to still be at the pool in time for the morning sliming. Eric convinced me to give it a go, so I donned his hat (a girl has to protect her hair, you know) and got slimed!

Crowds waiting for slime

Here it comes!!!

VIDEO: The mass sliming!


Really, it wasn't slimy at all - just green-colored water, I suspect. Either way, it was fun, and Ellie had fun playing in the remnants after it was over.

What is this stuff?

Slime splash!

By that time, the morning was getting on so we went back up to the room to change, check out of the hotel and head back to Sea World. I wished we had more time in Orlando so we could spend a full day at the resort pool, but alas. Maybe next time!


Lauren said...

How awesome, I've always wanted to get "slimed" growing up haha! Hotel looks amazing!

Becky said...

Such fun! Sliming was a little disappointing, though. I thought it would be real ooey-gooey stuff!