Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Big Walker

Ever since Ellie took her very first independent, unassisted and unprompted steps a few weeks ago, Eric and I have desperately been trying to capture her new skill on video.  However, she still much prefers the speed of her scoot-crawl to awkwardly stumbling around, plus she can be kind of a punk sometimes. Those two things added together have made this a rather difficult task.

But, last weekend we had success! She was in a particularly "steppy" mood and we were able to catch a few seconds of her lurching around on video:

VIDEO: Ellie's Early Steps

Man, I love to see those tiny feet stomping the ground to get from Point A to Point B. She's just the cutest.

We're still working on making this walking business more of a regular thing, but she's definitely getting there and becoming more confident. She can get herself to a standing position completely unassisted with ease now, and spends much of her free time doing so. Then once she's up she just stands around like a regular old grown-up. It's madness. She's also learning more baby signs, understanding more when we talk to her, giving kisses (that's a whole big batch of precious to save for another day), and working on two more teeth. And applying to college soon, I'm sure.

Standing girl!

How is it possible to go from little baby to big kid so quickly?

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