Monday, April 29, 2013

Three in One

First of all, thanks to everyone for bearing with me during Super Serious Week last week. It was very therapeutic to get my thoughts and feelings about motherhood and related topics written down. Thank you for letting me share! I promise we'll get back to fun recaps and pictures this week.

As for today, Ellie is now 13 months old. It feels strange to note the date but to skip the monthly pictures and letter-writing we've done every 29th for the past year, but alas, Ellie's first year is in the books. We may still do a commemorative picture at 18 months and, of course, yearly, but the monthly thing is finished. Probably for the best - let's just say she wasn't getting less wiggly as she got older.

We will soon have more one-year pictures to share with you, though. We had a birthday photo session with our favorite photographer, and when we get those back, I'll be sure to share. And, Eric and I took one more 12-month picture ourselves that I am currently in love with:

You may remember that photo that Ellie is holding as being from her six-month photos, when we happened to put her in the same bow that she wore for her newborn pictures. I handed her a framed newborn picture to hold, and she started gnawing on it (as is the way of the six-month-old), resulting in one of our favorite first-year pictures of our girl. Considering that bow still miraculously fits, we had to go for a recreation at 12 months.

So, I give you three Ellies in one picture: Newborn Ellie, Half-Year Ellie and One-Year-Old Ellie. I love them all like crazy.

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Meghan said...

Oh my gosh! That is SO creative and adorable! I absolutely love it!