Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Her Element

Yesterday we spent another gorgeous afternoon at the beach, and Ellie was completely in her element. She spent hours crawling all over the place, chasing the birds, feeling the wind on her face, climbing through sand piles, and fearlessly charging head-first into the waves. She wasn't even bothered by what must have been the constant crunch of sand in her mouth (a crawling thumb-sucker at the beach just can't avoid excessive sand consumption, unfortunately). This little girl was born for the beach, I think.

My beach baby

It's really nice to see her enjoying the perks of our move to Florida. I sometimes question whether it was the right thing, to leave behind all the unique experiences she could've enjoyed had we stayed in New York City, but she seems to love it here. I know she'll be just fine wherever we end up.

Oh, and not to worry - more pictures from Beach Day coming soon. Because you can never have too many pictures of a baby at the beach, am I right?

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