Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Girls' Day Out

As we continue our trip down March Memory Lane, I wanted to share a great Girls' Day Out that Ellie and I enjoyed back at the beginning of March. Eric had plans to go to some sort of Golf Fest with his brother, so Ellie and I stole the car and went out for some fun of our own.

Out on a Mama & Baby Adventure!

My friend Stephanie was in town from Ohio with her new baby, so Ellie and I went downtown to meet them at the St. Pete Farmers Market. We spent some time visiting with them (although I forgot to get a picture, for shame) before parting ways. Great to see you ladies!

Ellie and I decided it was too nice of a day to pack it in after our visit with friends, so we spent some more time exploring the Farmers Market. We ended up at the "all natural" popsicle stand, where we purchased a strawberry-lemon popsicle and then found a lovely tree to sit under and enjoy. Ellie's first popsicle! If memory serves, she was teething at the time so I'm sure it felt great on her gums. Either way, she loved it. Mmmm, sweet frozen fruity goodness!

Looking sly!

Oh, yeah. That's the stuff.

More, mama.

Popsicle face!

After popsicle time, we left downtown and went out to do some shopping for teacups for Ellie's party at the Salvation Army and garage sales. We had some nice success!

Our Girls' Day Out teacup/teapot haul

It was such a nice morning out with my baby girl. We are certainly not at a loss for quality time together, she and I, considering that we spend all day nearly every day together, but it was nice to have this time out to do something fun together, just the two of us. I look forward to many more of those days in the future!

Love this little girl!


Lauren said...

What a fun mommy and baby day out so cute :-)

Kari said...

I love the pictures of Ellie eating the popsicle! Cuteness overload! It looks like you guys had a really fun day!

Becky said...

What a sweet little date the two of you had. You're well on your way to being the best of friends as well as mama and daughter!
Love you both,