Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey, guess what? Today is my fifth blogiversary! I've been recording our lives here for half a decade now. Say what? I know. It's crazy.

I say it every year, but I really never thought it would last this long. When I started, we were in our first year of marriage, wrapping up our time in D.C. This blog has borne witness to Eric's law school graduation, our big move to the Big Apple, my grad school disappointment, lots of fun vacations (including our first trip to Europe!), all the unforgettable things we did in NYC (including all 465 celebrity sightings), two presidential elections, Toni's stroke, our move to Hoboken, the accomplishment of numerous bucket list items for both Eric and me, the birth (and first year) of our first baby, our plans for a major career/life change, our move back to Florida, and everything else in between. That, my friends, is one heck of a half-decade.

I'm not really sure what direction the blog will take from here. I certainly can't say I have any intention of shutting things down anytime soon, but our lives our changing and it's hard to predict how things will play out. I originally started this blog to document our move to New York City, something I had dreamed of doing for years. And what a time we had! I will forever treasure this written record of our life in the city.

Now, we've gone from newlyweds to a family, one that will hopefully continue to grow in the years to come. We're embarking on this new endeavor, completely changing our way of life and trying to figure out exactly what our new life will look like. My blog posts are less about red carpet events and big city adventures, and more about things like my baby's milestones and adjusting to Floridian life. I have a sneaking suspicion that those sorts of things are less intriguing to the outside world, and I realistically recognize this blog may taper off at some point, unless I'm willing to make the total jump to "mommy blogger" category. Or, have I already done that and just haven't accepted it yet? It's hard to say.

To be honest, I have always been shocked that anyone reads this stuff. Even you, family - I just think, "man, they must really love me." I mean, I talk a lot and I post far too many pictures. Everything is too wordy and nearly every time I hit "publish," I doubt that people will actually read what I have written. But you do. Even some people who don't actually know me in real life. That boggles my mind and is so humbling and so flattering. I have loved having the opportunity to share our life with you and to get to know so many of you through this medium. It has been a wonderful journey.

Aside from that, it has been such a great outlet for me. I have always liked the idea of keeping a diary or journal, and at times in my childhood, I was successful in doing so. Other times, not so much. I think the public nature of this type of journal is what keeps me accountable and has kept me writing for five years now, and I love that. Much of what I post is light-hearted life recaps, but I certainly try to mix in some reflective and personal things as well. In fact, I'm getting ready to post some of that next week, as I have been spending a lot of time lately reflecting on my first year of motherhood and I want to get my impressions down "on paper" (on screen?). It is so therapeutic and really just plain enjoyable for me to share what is happening my life here, and I thank you all for indulging me as I do so.

So for now, onward. I'll continue to blog as long as I still find it enjoyable, and if that's my criteria, as of now there is no end in sight.

Sincerest thanks to all of you for being a part of our lives these past five years, and for your comments and your support. I hope you'll continue to stick around!


Lauren said...

Happy 5 year blog-iversary yay I love reading so much :-)

Dad/Grandpa said...

Keep on writing Meghan. It has been magical and treasured by those of us near and far.

jessica said...

I'm so glad you've stuck with it because it allowed me to "meet" you! :) Happy Blog-iversary and keep on writing your heart out, I will always read it!!