Monday, April 8, 2013

One Year Old

So now that I've shared all the fun and details of Ellie's birthday party with you, let's talk about her actual birthday. Her party was held a week before her birthday, given that her birthday was on Good Friday this year and we didn't want to add another event to our guests' Easter weekend itineraries. So, by the time Ellie's actual birthday rolled around, the party was over and we were able to spend a quiet day together as a family. If you ask me, it was perfect.

How old is Ellie? ONE!

Unfortunately, Eric got called in to work unexpectedly on her birthday morning, so Ellie and I had to start the day sans Daddy. But, we already had plans to have a birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my mom, so she agreed to pick us up and off we went. Ellie spent breakfast happily munching on toast and waving at the large mounted deer head above the fireplace. Good times.

The birthday girl at breakfast!

After breakfast we returned home so Ellie could take a little birthday nap (we should all be so lucky, am I right?). By the time she woke up, Eric was home and we were able to take Ellie's official 12-month photo. And then, of course, we had to spend some time looking back through all the other pictures in disbelief over how far she's come in a year, and how fast that year flew by.

The First Year of Ellie

We were closely watching the clock all afternoon to make sure we wouldn't miss Ellie's birth time: 3:27 p.m. We had a little celebration planned for her birth minute, thanks to Eric's thoughtfulness. He came home from work that day with a bouquet of purple flowers for me (similar to the ones he had sent to me after Ellie was born), and he arranged for a three-drink toast: ice water, then orange Gatorade, then Cherry Coke. He remembered that as soon as I came out of surgery, I was so insanely thirsty, and for whatever reason, I wanted those three exact things, in that exact order. I couldn't have them last March 29th, but this year, I got all three right in a row, my dream come true!

Our celebration is ready to go!

Ellie and me toasting her birth minute together!

After our birth minute celebration, we went to Toys 'R Us for a bit to browse. We couldn't pull the trigger on any more new toys for Ellie, unfortunately (the girl really came home with quite the haul after her party), but it was fun to wander around and look.

When we got home, we decided to set up Ellie's Cozy Coupe so she could take it for a spin on her big day. She was very excited about this and couldn't even wait until the wheels were on before jumping right in. Luckily, Auntie Heather and Uncle Tones came by just in time to keep her distracted while Daddy put the thing together.

Left: This girl is ready to ride! Right: Ellie and Auntie Heather

Once the Coupe was mostly assembled, we took a break for birthday cupcakes. We all gathered around, lit Ellie's candle and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Then, we unleashed her on her cupcake. Once again: not a fan of the cake. She was pretty mad by the time she was even allowed to eat it (she didn't like me holding her hands away from the lit candle, naturally), but she really just wanted nothing to do with it. Weirdo!

A little unsure about the whole thing

We may have forgotten to get a family photo at the party, but we made sure to get one to commemorate the actual birthday!

Helping Ellie blow out the candle!

Why do you people keep forcing this disgusting sweetness on me?!?! Just give me some broccoli and let's call it a day.

After the cupcake refusal, we opened Ellie's present from Auntie Heather (lots of adorable clothes!) and then it was Cozy Coupe time. She loved it! We took her out for a little ride around our culdesac and she was a natural. My little girl in her first car!


She loves it!

Beep, beep!

Cutie pie.

When we went back inside, we gave Ellie a gift from us: a Noah's Ark Little People set. It was a hit!

She's very excited!

We also bought Ellie the Dr. Seuss birthday book and a sandbox, which we tried out the next day (pardon my skipping out of chronological order for a moment, here). The sandbox was not exactly a smashing success, but I think she'll warm up to it in time!

Get me out of here!!!!

After her final gifts, our little birthday girl was all tired out, so it was off to bed. And once she was asleep, it was time for her parents to celebrate. Eric and I treated ourselves out to a date night at Carrabba's, where we ate tasty food, drank sangria, and reflected on our first year as parents. It was a perfect evening.

And that's it. Our first baby's first birthday is officially in the books. I loved every second we spent celebrating her and our first year as a family. We are so very blessed.

Happy birthday, Ellie-Bellie. We love you.

March 29, 2012 and March 29, 2013 - what a year!

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Lauren said...

How adorable, love seeing how she changed over her first year!