Monday, September 24, 2012

Hoboken Italian Festival 2012

Two weeks ago Hoboken held it's annual Italian Festival, touted as "the premiere Italian-American festival in the New Jersey tri-state area." We stopped by last year while my sister was in town, and enjoyed some delicious cannolis and fun carnival games. A good time was had by all, so we made plans to check out this year's festival, too.

The festival runs for four days, each boasting live music and lots of fun, but we only went out on Sunday, the final day. It was a beautiful evening.

We got outside just in time to catch the tail end of the procession, which started at 2:00 p.m. and snaked its way all through Hoboken.

The procession walking north on Sinatra Drive

The band

As the procession moved on, we just wandered along Sinatra Drive to check out all the vendors, games and rides.

The Italian Festival



Having fun with my little Italian girl

We stopped for an order of fried ravioli, which was delicious. We hung out in Sinatra Park while we ate and listened to the live music.

My husband and our fried ravioli. Both look quite delicious, if I do say so myself.

Come to mama.

Sinatra Park

Scenes from the festival

By the stage in Sinatra Park


When we finished eating, we did a little more wandering before heading back inside for dinner and bedtime. Oh, such an exciting life we lead!

Eric and Ellie at the festival

Sweetie pie

The whole festival ended with a fireworks display. We took Achilles downstairs to this last year, but this year I stayed at home with the babe and the pup while Eric went solo. They set off the fireworks from Pier A, which is maybe a quarter mile away, and they're just so loud. Poor Achilles could barely stand it last year, so this year we stayed put and I turned on just about every source of white noise I could think of to keep the noise to a minimum for my sleeping baby. Eric did a great job taking photos though!

Doesn't the Freedom Tower also look gorgeous these days? It was red, white and blue (the red is at the very bottom, hard to see)

I just love Hoboken - you can have fun events like this in your own neighborhood, plus all the fun of the city. We're so lucky to be here!


Jessica Renee said...

Aww Ellie looks like she had a great time!

I think it's so fun that y'all get to enjoy your little neighborhood but are right near NYC. So awesome!

Dad/Grandpa said...

Looks like big fun. There is no street festival made that you don't enjoy. :o)