Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fireworks and Broadway

Before I can tell you about our weekend trip to Boston, I first have to go back and fill in some of the gaps of our Heather/September 11th weekend that I haven't told you about yet. It's that need for things to be in chronological order again, you know? It just is forever rearing its ugly head.

After Heather left (boohoo!) on that Saturday, Eric and I hung out at home and watched the Gator game. Later that night, we stepped outside for a bit to enjoy the Italian Festival Fireworks, set off at Pier A. We had a great view from our spot on the walkway at Pier C.

Italian Festival Fireworks

Ooh, aah

I always love fireworks, although these started a half hour late (I'm impatient) and were LOUD. We had poor little Achilles with us, who is not usually bothered by fireworks - in fact, he usually sits with his back to them and casually looks the other way as if he has no idea anything is even happening. But this time, as soon as they started to go off I could feel him back into my legs and start shaking. I sat down on the ground with him and he climbed right into my lap, where he stayed the rest of the time. I covered his poor little ears as best as I could but he was still shaking, drooling and being startled with every "boom." Please don't have me arrested for doggy torture, but we might be able to add fireworks to his list of fears along with fire alarms. Poor thing.

That Sunday, besides checking out all the 9/11 memorials around town, Eric and I went into the city to catch a matinee of Man and Boy, starring Frank Langella, at the American Airlines Theater. I once again found a great deal: $10 tickets to a selection of preview performances for this play. I'll see just about anything for only $10, so Eric and I went, and quite enjoyed it. Man and Boy is basically the story of a ruthless, unethical businessman and his relationship with his son, who is essentially the only conscience he has. Frank Langella was excellent, as was the rest of the cast. Good show!

Man and Boy at the American Airlines Theater

Frank Langella and Adam Driver in Man and Boy
(Photo credit: Joan Marcus, 2011, taken from the Roundabout Theater Company's Facebook page)

And that was the rest of our weekend! Not a bad time, right?

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Steph said...

Poor doggy! My dogs hate fireworks too... but they have always been scared. And $10 tickets? You always find cool deal and such.