Monday, September 26, 2011

Mellow Weekend

Did everyone have a wonderful, relaxing weekend? I feel like Eric and I have been so on-the-go for so long, it was nice to not have anything major planned this weekend. I even got to nap! Oh, how I have been longing for a nap. It was every bit as glorious as I anticipated.

As of Saturday, I officially made it out of my first trimester with this pregnancy. Hooray! To "celebrate," Eric and I went into the city Saturday afternoon to wander around the super enormous Buy Buy Baby store to start getting a feel for things we'll need. Obviously, our storage is extremely limited in our apartment, so we're really going for a "less is more" approach with baby stuff, as well as looking for creative storage and space-saving solutions. It's going to be a challenge, but I'm up for it. Of course, Buy Buy Baby left us both feeling like, "Wow. Babies need a lot of crap." So, we have our work cut out for us to get to the bottom of it all! Any mom readers out there, please don't hesitate to share anything that your baby absolutely HAD to have, or anything that the kid couldn't have cared less about. Advice is welcome!

Saturday evening we watched the Gator game, of course. I do love me some Gator football. We have a couple challenging weeks ahead of us on the schedule now, so let's go, Gators!

Sunday Eric and I went to the mall for lunch, and while we were there I got quite angry when we walked into Macy's and I saw this:


I mean, clearly I just skipped three months of my life, here. Welcome to December, folks! Honestly, who forgot to tell Macy's that it's not yet October? I mean, they already have CHRISTMAS TREES up. That's just sick. I even think it's a bit too early to be stocking holiday merchandise, but full on decorations and everything?! I mean, I like Christmas and all, but I haven't even started thinking about Halloween yet, that's how early this is. So I'm officially boycotting Macy's between now and January. I just can't deal.

After the mall we hit up Target, then came back into Hoboken to check out the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival on Washington Street. It was a really nice little festival, featuring live music down by City Hall, lots of great art vendors, and of course, street food. We had a great time wandering through there for a bit, admiring the art and enjoying the music.

City Hall is the building on the right, and the stage with live music is over there to the left.
(For you Cake Boss fans, Carlo's Bakery is right across the street from City Hall, just behind where I'm standing!)

Vendors lined up along Washington Street

Now that's a delicious booth.

It's sort of like a paint palette exploded, but I like it!

We spent the rest of our afternoon/evening relaxing at home, which was quite nice. Sometimes it's just nice not to have anything to do, don't you agree?

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


Kim said...

Meghan, you have to get the book Baby Bargains, it is the best. Its a mix of Consumer Reports and real parent reviews and it has so much great info. I've recommended it to several friends and they all have found some great stuff in it. Oh, and I agree about the stores with Christmas decorations. Anote reason to love Nordstroms, they refuse to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.

moderndaywife said...

Good luck with all the baby stuff, I'm sure it can be overwhelming :-) Seriously?! Christmas? ahhh don't even want to think about it lol.

KSK said...

I can understand Christmas in craft stores, because sometimes it takes awhile to make things..?
but in dept. stores?? That's sick!

**Baby stuff.
We didn't get a bassinet. We had a pack n' play, used that for the 1st month(?) until we felt a little more comfortable with this new thing in our home, and then we started putting her in her crib at night.

Don't get those fancy bath spa things. We found a kind of like foam frog thing that we used on the side of the sink.

Steph said...

Ugh. Christmas stuff stresses me out!