Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ticker-Tape Parade!

Like many, many other Americans, this past weekend Eric and I tuned in to watch the Superbowl. Of course, because the NY Giants were playing the Patriots, all of New York was pumped. There were Giants jerseys in the office on Friday, lots of Superbowl talk the whole week leading up to it, and even the Empire State Building was sporting Big Blue all weekend (as opposed to last year, when they lit up one side for one team and the other side for the other team - this year it was ALL Giants!):

Blue Empire State Building

The spirited skyline

Of course, I am a Browns fan, but I like the Giants just fine, and I like Eli Manning (he lives in Hoboken, you know), so I could get on board with this. I certainly like the Giants better than I like Bill Belichick and the Patriots, so I was pulling for a New York win. And...success! Hooray! Yay for New York!

Eric was very excited about this because it meant another shot at attending a ticker-tape parade in person. The last time New York hosted a ticker-tape parade was when the Yankees last won the World Series, but Eric was in Florida at that time. My friend Amanda and I went in his stead (if that's not love, I don't know what is), but we didn't arrive early enough to get a good spot and my patience for crazed Yankee fans is very minimal, so we didn't last too long in those crowds. And really, Eric still wanted to see one for himself.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take the morning off work to join him this time (and frankly, nor did I want to stand outside for hours waiting for a parade in my current state), but Eric went by himself anyway. He left our apartment a little before 7:00 yesterday morning and got a great spot along the Canyon of Heroes, right up against the street. And then he began the long wait - the parade didn't start until 11:00!

Although you'll never find him, Eric is in this picture, in the crowds on the right hand side, up towards the top. This picture was taken probably an hour or so before the parade actually started.

Eric brought his Kindle with him to help pass the time, but he said he really didn't get much reading done because the crowds were so entertaining. They were really excited and animated, toilet paper was already being thrown about, and even the cops were getting into it. New York sports fans are a spirited bunch, that much cannot be denied.

Toilet paper flying everywhere

Giants fans boo-ing a Jets fan passerby

Soon the parade got underway and the celebration continued with floats, football players, politicians, bands and bagpipers (and of course, sanitation and news crews).

Wide receivers - Cruz, Nicks & Manningham

Paper and confetti flying through the air!

New York Sightseeing buses transported friends and family of the Giants players - Eric said there were TONS of these buses.

Sweet little girl

Bagpipers, including one with a killer 'stache.

Coach Coughlin, Governor Cuomo, Eli Manning (face blocked by trophy!) and Mayor Bloomberg (also blocked, but he's there!)

Eli Manning

Not sure who this lady is, but she's sporting a Superbowl ring and is very excited about it.

Steve Weatherford (the punter) got down off the float, grabbed a drum and joined the band!

Some of the players caught jerseys, hats, etc. thrown to them by fans, autographed them, and threw them back

This guy got super excited and took his shirt off and started dancing around!

Osi Umenyiora

Jason Pierre-Paul

More bagpipers

And the aftermath? Big mess, as one might expect.

Clean-up time!

I'm glad Eric got to experience the parade - it sure looked like fun! Congratulations to the New York Giants!


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I had no idea NYC even had such a thing, very neat :-)

Jessica said...

I love me some JPP!!! I'm glad Eric got to go!!