Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog Day in NYC: The Westminster Dog Show

On Monday, Eric and I went to the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. This was all Eric's wonderful idea, and it was awesome! I've watched that dog show on TV many times before and thought it would be fun to go in person, but never really thought about making it happen. Eric did, though! That's because he's the best. He bought us tickets to Day #1, which included a couple of my favorite groups: the toy dogs and the hound dogs. On Sunday night, he even hunted down the schedule for Day #1 online so we could come up with a plan of attack to see my favorite breeds. I mean, he thought of everything!

So, we were well-prepared when we arrived at Madison Square Garden on Monday morning. We made our way right to the Theater level to catch some chihuahua action. Cuteness!

The set-up in the Theater: Two rings, side by side

Chihuahuas in the ring

One of the chihuahuas being judged on the table

The Theater level wasn't my favorite, because it was free-for-all seating and very small, so it was hard to see the action from the stands. After the chihuahuas, however, we went up to the Arena level, where we actually had assigned seats. Eric managed to purchase the most perfect seats ever, right in front of the ring where the beagles were. The beagles were the breed I was most excited about, and we had a great view! They were next on our Must See Breed List, so we settled in to our seats just in time for me to start squealing over 13" beagle cuteness.

The Arena level was much larger, with four rings set up on the floor


One of the winners getting his/her photo taken

Let me tell you, I am pretty good at picking winning dogs. As we sat in the arena, I would call out my picks and I rocked it. My picks almost always pulled out for some sort of award. Clearly, I missed my calling as a dog judge.

There was another breed in between the two beagle categories, but we patiently waited for the 15" beagles to come on out. Let me tell you, they were worth the wait. I right away called out my favorite as the one who kept sitting up. He was just so focused on the treats in his handler's hand, and whenever they were standing still (waiting for their turn at the table or to run around or whatever), that little pup sat right up and just stayed like that, staring at the hand holding the coveted treat. Then they would move a few more steps ahead in line, and as soon as they stopped moving, that dog would sit right back up again. He honestly sat up more than he just sat, and it was so adorable, I nearly stole him. And wouldn't you know it - he won the 15" beagle group! That dog is awesome!

A whole beagle line-up!

My favorite! How precious is he?!

Finalists posing as the judge looks them over


After the beagles we went back to the Theater level for some more toy dog action, this time for pugs. I do love me some squishy pug faces.

Pugs in the ring

This one won an Award of Merit

We then stuck around for the pomeranians, but this time we came down out of the stands and went down to the ring level for a better look.

Oh, hi, puppy

Pomeranians in action

We then walked around the Theater benching area, where they get the dogs ready for their big moments. I was seriously getting a kick out of watching the dogs get pampered.

Many of these dogs had more product in their hair than I usually do.

Comfy pug

What does a dog have to do to get some peace and quiet around here?!

We then went back to watch from the Arena level for a bit before checking out the Arena benching area. Again, more pampered pooches! Some were getting their hair done...

I suspect this one requires a BIG brush.

Accessories can really make or break an outfit.

...some were just resting up...

Relax while your hair sets, of course

Don't be afraid to sprawl out!

...some were playing...

This little one was having quite a wiggly wrestle session

...some were hitting the media circuit...

Even dogs can give interviews, apparently.

...and some were just practicing some adorable poses.

What a sweetheart!

You already know of my beagle weakness. Love the kid pinching the poor guy's side - such patience! What a good dog!

We also did some walking around on the ring level in the Arena, for a little closer look at the action.

Down at ring level

Props for the winner photo ops

Eric enjoying the dog show

I think baby liked it, too!

We could have stuck around for the rest of the day and the final judging in all the various categories that evening, but that part was televised and we were beat. So, we watched all that from the comfort of our own couch. I was cheering for my beagle again, of course, but no such luck for him in the Hound category (the dachshund won that one), and the Pekingese won the Toy category (and ultimately, Best in Show). Better luck next time, Beagle! You just keep sitting up and you'll go far! And even if my favorite didn't win, we had a blast anyway.

What a fun day!

And that night, even the Empire State Building had gone to the dogs:

The ESB lit up purple and gold for the Westminster Dog Show

What a fun event! Thanks so much for having such a great idea, Eric!


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

How fun, Scoob and I always watch the dog shows on TV when they are on. Love the pug pics, yorkie(of course) and the beagles awwwww so adorable :-)

Jennifer B said...

BEAGLES!! Beagles are totally my weakness too. I've had a beagle and I'm currently volunteering with the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue (fostering 2 beagle pups at the moment) and I fall in love at every event I help at! Beagles are such amazing doggies- you are so lucky to meet that little winner :)

Food Freak Frank said...

Thanks for posting all those pictures! I watched the entire show in TV with my dogs (Papillon and Parson Russell Terrier), but I love the behind the scenes pictures. You are so lucky you were able to attend the show. Someday I will make it out that way to go!

Jessica Renee said...

Wow cuteness overload! I can imagine that was such a blast to go to!! and omg beagles!! I love them almost as much as dachshunds ;)

Megan said...

How fun! I would love to go to this!! And you look amazing! Just glowing!