Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Celebrity-Sighting Extravaganza!

Also known as the Sex and the City 2 World Premiere at Radio City Music Hall last night!

Paparazzi and reporters lining the red carpet at the World Premiere of Sex and the City 2 last night!

You all know how I love a good celebrity sighting, and you also know I have already spent some time in the last year stalking the Sex and the City stars (see here and here). Naturally, I knew that when the SATC2 movie premiered, I just had to be at the red carpet, not only for the SATC girls, but also for the many other celebs who would likely show up to show their support. Plus, celebrity-watching at a red carpet event is another item on our "NYC To-Do" list.

And boy, was it a successful night! The final celeb-sighting count came to about 30. Thirty different celebrities! And I know I missed some. There were some there that I didn't notice, and I'm sure I did see some that I didn't recognize. I kind of suck at recognizing celebrities.

The Premiere was scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m., so the red carpet action was supposed to really get going around 6:30 p.m. I got out there at 4:30, and there was already a bit of a crowd gathering. I was too late to get right up against a barricade, but I found some short people to stand behind and I had a great view. My spot was actually perfect, because I was right behind the stages for all of the entertainment news crews. That meant there were no paparazzi/reporters blocking my view, and all of the stars stopped and did interviews right in front of me! Awesome! I was also early enough to watch them setting up the whole red carpet (which was actually blue, but it was a carpet nonetheless), which was kind of cool.

Crowds lining up at 4:30, two hours early. New Yorkers, man. They're super early for everything.

Getting started on the red carpet setup

They hung four of these chandeliers over the carpet

Setting up the E! interview stage

Watching the setup kept me plenty entertained, and before I knew it, things started happening! The entertainment news people started showing up, and soon after that the photographers' flashes started going nuts and the celebs started piling in. I told you I saw nearly 30 different celebs, so here's who made the list (get ready for some pictures!):

Of course, I saw all the SATC women - Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah Jessica Parker even walked down the street along the crowd of fans before she did the red carpet! She signed autographs and posed for pictures, which was so nice of her. Her husband, Matthew Broderick, followed behind her (he was never far from her side all night!).

Cynthia Nixon ("Miranda")

Kristin Davis ("Charlotte") - she looked stunning in her pink gown!

Kim Cattrall ("Samantha") - her gown was very elegant, too.

Sarah Jessica Parker ("Carrie," of course!)

Fans clamoring for an autograph or picture of Sarah Jessica Parker

Matthew Broderick following behind his wife

I also saw all the men of SATC: Chris Noth (who was very enthusiastic and played to the crowd quite a bit), David Eigenberg (who even climbed the barriers and ran over to say hello to the crowds right by me!), Evan Handler, Gilles Marini, Jason Lewis, John Corbett, Mario Cantone, Noah Mills, and Willie Garson.

Chris Noth ("Mr. Big") - he was quite a ham! Just before this picture, he was blowing kisses to the crowd.

David Eigenberg ("Steve") climbing over the barricades to come say hello to the crowd!

David Eigenberg ("Steve"), up close and personal

Evan Handler ("Harry")

Gilles Marini ("Dante," Samantha's super-sexy neighbor in the first movie) - Oh hello there, Gilles. Is it just me or is he giving me a "come hither"-type stare over that camera man's shoulder?
(Also, he is being interviewed by fashion critic Cojo for ET)

Jason Lewis ("Smith")

John Corbett ("Aidan") interviewing with Extra

Mario Cantone ("Anthony")

Noah Mills (a model who plays "Nicky" in the new movie)

Willie Garson ("Stanford") interviewing with E!

There were other people involved with the series/movies there of course, including stylist Patricia Field and writer/director Michael Patrick King.

Patricia Field is pretty hard to miss.

Michael Patrick King

And there were many other celebrities to be seen, including Howard and Beth Ostrosky Stern, Donald and Melania Trump, Jerry Seinfeld, Liza Minnelli, Valentino, Ashanti, Suzanne Somers, Vanessa Williams and Whitney Port. I also saw Gabourey Sidibe, but did not get a picture.

Top row: Howard Stern, Donald Trump and Jerry Seinfeld. Middle row: Liza Minnelli, Valentino, and Ashanti. Bottom row: Suzanne Somers, Vanessa Williams and Whitney Port.

By about 7:30, everything was winding down. All the stars wrapped up their interviews and made their way inside to watch the movie, leaving the rest of us to fight the crowds to get out of there. Overall, this was definitely a very cool experience - definitely not something you get to do everyday! I had a great time.

The entertainment news interview stages towards the end of the evening

Yay for fun at the red carpet! (Also, check me out - haircut!)

If you can believe it, I do have a few more pics of all the stars on my photo share site, so feel free to check that out if you're interested.

Also, a quick related housekeeping note - check out my new pages at the top of this blog! Oooh, so fancy now. You'll see there's an "About" section (all about our little family), "Contact" (email me!), and then some lists. The "My List" page includes all those things on my "just for fun" bucket list. I'm going to keep that updated when I add to my list, and when I cross things off! Similarly, the "NYC List" page includes things that we have wanted to do during our time in NYC, and that will be continuously updated as well.

Finally, my Celeb Sighting list on the right side of the main blog page was getting a little long and unwieldy, so I moved it to its own page. The new "Celeb Sighting" page includes a full list of all the celebrities we have seen in NYC. Just like before, each celebrity's name links to his/her Wikipedia page, plus I've added a description where the celebrity was spotted and links to any pictures/blog posts about the sighting. I'll keep a note at the top of the most recent sightings so you know when new ones have been added!

I doubt any of you are really that interested in all this stuff so this probably doesn't even matter, but I just thought I'd point out the changes around here!

Also, that India recap I promised you really is coming one of these days. Really. Don't give up on me!


Molly said...

That is amazing! I am pretty sure my celebrity sighting list still stands as such:
1) Richard Simmons
2) Jared the Subway Guy

Ha! Also, I love the new tabs at the top! This is the best blog ever!

Mrs. W. said...

Thanks, Molly!

And I have to say, while not the biggest celeb I have seen, Jared the Subway Guy remains one of my most favorite celebrity sightings. :)

Also, maybe we can add to your list with a little Glee stalking this weekend?

Becky said...

Meghan, I am so impressed at the people you know by name, and recognize! I would walk past half those people (at least) and have no clue that I passed a celeb of any kind. Even the stylist, for heaven's sake! You go, girl. BTW Molly, my sightings list is about as long as yours! But then, we don't live in NYC either.