Friday, May 14, 2010

That's All, Folks

There really isn't too much more to say about our trip to L.A., so let's wrap this up here, shall we? After our Warner Bros. tour, we were ready for our last night in Hollywood. We decided to go back out to Hollywood Blvd. to find some dinner and see things lit up at night. In our experience, things lit up at night can be pretty cool - in D.C., nighttime was my favorite time to walk the monuments, and who doesn't love the NYC skyline at night?

We got some nice pictures of the Hollywood sign at dusk (because we totally didn't take enough pictures of it already), had dinner at Mel's Diner and enjoyed walking along the street as the lights came on.

Another view of the Hollywood sign from the Hollywood & Highland Center

View of downtown L.A. from Hollywood & Highland

Hollywood Blvd. at night

Kodak Theater

Chinese Theater

The end of a great trip!

Soon it was time to bid Hollywood farewell. We took our last metro ride back to our hotel, where we spent some time relaxing and talking in the hot tub before getting packed up and ready for bed. Our flight the next morning left early, and before we knew it we were back in NYC after a very fun weekend.

Goodbye, mountains!

This whole spontaneous trip thing was really a great experience. Los Angeles is a place that we may never have planned a trip to, or at least it wasn't high on our travel priority list. But I am so glad to have been there and to have seen the things we saw. We had a fantastic time.

You know what I think would be fun? If you could just save up some money earmarked for travel, and then for six months or a year or something like that, just look for last-minute travel deals like this and when you see something moderately interesting, do it. Don't actually plan a vacation, just let the deals decide where you go. I think that could be a really fun way to see new places that you otherwise might not have considered. Now we feel hooked on weekend getaway travel deals - it will be a while before we can make it work again (everything just really fell into place this time), but you never know when a cool opportunity may present itself!

In other travel news, Eric will be returning from India tomorrow! His work went just fine and he even had some time to sightsee today, so next week I'll be sharing some of his pictures from Mumbai. I'm excited to have him back and hear about his travels. It sounds like it was quite an experience!

And of course, my usual reminder one last time: there's a lot more Los Angeles pictures on our photo share site if you want to see more! Enjoy your weekend!

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