Tuesday, April 27, 2010

California Dreamin'

Cheesy title. Sorry about that.

This morning I checked my Twitter feed, which included some "tweets" by JetBlueCheeps, which has been my source for cheap last-minute airfare on more than one occasion.

Today they also had a weekend getaway to Los Angeles listed, including airfare and hotel.

That led to the following text message exchange between Eric and me:

Me: Want to go to L.A. this weekend? JetBlueCheeps, $X/pp, incl. air and 3 nights hotel.

Eric: Wow. Kind of, yes.

And....now we're booked. We're leaving for L.A. early Saturday morning and will be back in New York Tuesday afternoon. Everything just worked out: Eric could take off work, I could reschedule my dermatologist appointment from Monday to Friday, the dog could get his shots updated and his doggy "camp" had weekend availability. Done, done and done!

So, we're off to L.A. this weekend! I've never been further west than South Dakota (and yes, I have been to South Dakota), so I'm pretty excited over here. Hollywood, here we come!


Dad said...

Well have fun!! Too bad it isn't San Franciso in a couple of weeks to see my concert! :o)

Molly said...

Way to be spontaneous, so proud of you!! :) Have a great time!!