Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Husband

Today is Eric's 27th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! He's very concerned about being old this year, I have to say. His problem is that my birthday is four months before his, and he spends those whole four months where I'm a "year older" telling me how old I am. But then, this backfires on him, because all of a sudden, he has turn this "really old" age. Ha! Take that!

Seriously, though - here's to another great year for this great man. I love him very much, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to spend another year right here with him. For his birthday last year, I posted a list of "26 Things I Love About My Husband." I loved being able to reflect on the man that I am married to - both his quirky little habits and the core aspects of his personality that I love so much. So, how about a sequel? And this time, I'm bringing some PICTURES to back up many of my thoughts. So, without further ado...

27 Things I Love About My 27-Year-Old Husband

1.) I love that he works so hard to support us.

Eric in his office, March 2009

2.) I love that he isn't afraid to tell me when something isn't my strong suit...

...such as canoeing (January 2009)...

3.) ...but I also love that he can be very patient and encouraging when he's trying to teach me to do something new, like golf (even if I totally miss the ball a few times).

At the driving range this past weekend (more on that to come!)

4.) I love that he butters and cuts up his waffles/french toast/pancakes before putting the syrup on. I also love that he pronounces "syrup" as "see-rup," as opposed to my "sir-rup."

5.) I love that he loves Achilles, even though he insists he doesn't. Dogs are people too, you know.

My boys, September 2009

6.) I love that he is willing to sing when we play Rock Band with a group, even though he's awesome at drums, because he knows people don't usually like to sing and that's the best way to get things going.

Eric singing, September 2009

7.) I love that he claims to hate mayonnaise, even though he puts it on tuna fish. But that's not mayonnaise, you see, that's magical tuna fish sauce.

8.) I love that after our wedding ceremony, he gave a fist pump:


9.) I love that we share our Florida Gators fandom. I also love that we have memories from college together, and can be nostalgic together and talk about how much we miss that time in our lives.

Eric at the callbox for my dorm (re-enactment, August 2008). These bad boys pre-date cell phones, I guess.

10.) I love that he loves to go in the hot tub, even when we're at a beach resort and it's 90-some degrees out and he has a sunburn.

In the hot tub in the Caymans, August 2008

11.) I love that he is usually the calm, logical antidote to my occasional (yes, we're sticking with "occasional") emotional meltdowns.

12.) I love that he looks like this in a suit:

Being sworn in to the bar, February 2009

13.) I love his laughing smile - the one that lights up his face when he thinks something is really, really funny. It's the best.

Laughing at a family game of "Catchphrase," January 2009

14.) I love that when I'm too scared to do something, he'll either take care of it for me so that I don't feel like I missed out...

In Scotland, Eric climbed these terrifying steps...

...to get this picture of the view for me.

...or he'll encourage me and support me, enabling me to do things I wasn't sure I could ever do.

Swimming with the stingrays, August 2008

Climbing North Berwick Law in Scotland, July 2009

15.) I love that his face looked like this when he saw me coming down the aisle on our wedding day:


16.) On a related note, I love that at weddings he always watches the groom when the bride comes down the aisle so he can see his reaction.

17.) I love the nurturing, compassionate side of him that I saw as he was with his mom in the hospital. I have always loved seeing him interact with his mom - I have always been able to tell how much he loves her just by watching.

18.) I love that he loves economics and doesn't get upset when I tease him for being a dork.

Eric with a statue of Adam Smith (who I am told is an economist) in Edinburgh, July 2009

19.) I love that he prefers to drink wine out of a rocks glass. I also love that he prefers Mountain Dew to wine or beer any day of the week.

20.) I love that sometimes he dances around the house when he thinks I'm not looking.

21.) I love that he dances with me at weddings.

At his cousin Kim's wedding, August 2009

22.) I love that when he was little, he looked like this:

23.) I love that we can be goofy together.

August 2009

24.) I love his family, and I love that he loves mine.

Some of Eric's family, November 2009

Some of my family, December 2007

25.) I love that when he brings flowers home, he puts a lot of effort into finding really pretty ones.

August 2009

26.) I love his athleticism.

Running in the New York Half Marathon, August 2009

Golfing in North Berwick, Scotland, July 2009

27.) I love that I can tell how much he loves me just by the way he looks at me.

At our wedding, August 2007

Eric, thank you for letting me spend another year of your life with you. You're an incredible man and I am very lucky to have you. May we celebrate many more birthdays together!

I love you


The Novice Chef said...

I loved reading through this!


Becky said...

I loved that a lot of these things were things that I experienced with you guys!! And I love you both!