Monday, December 1, 2008

The Birth of My Husband

Happy Birthday, Eric!

One of my favorite pictures of us, taken in the Caymans right after we won the Newlywed Game (3 years before we were actually married!)

Today I am celebrating the birth of my husband. Eric turns twenty-six years old today! I thought that such an occasion clearly warrants a big, embarrassing, sappy, cheesy blog post, so I plan to deliver just that. And what could possibly be more embarrassing and cheesy than a list of 26 Things I Love About My Husband??? And I don't mean obvious stuff like "he has nice eyes" or "he has a nice smile," because everybody knows by now that I think my husband is super handsome, and if you don't know it, you haven't been reading this blog closely! No, I mean real stuff that maybe not everyone knows. So here we go...let's do it!

Twenty-Six Things I Love About My Husband
(in no particular order)
  1. After 10 years, hearing him say my name still gives me butterflies.
  2. He takes the dog out every morning so I don't have to worry about it when I get up.
  3. He gets really irritated at movies that don't end well (like "Castaway"), or when things aren't working out for the characters.
  4. He always recommends "mental toughness" to take care of an illness, but ends up taking really good care of me when my "mental toughness" falls short.
  5. He wishes me "sweet dreams" before bed every night.
  6. Ice is his cure for anything that hurts.
  7. He understands me better than anyone.
  8. He goes to girlie movies with me (we were even first in line to see "Sex and the City" on opening night! Now that's love.)
  9. He ALWAYS - without fail - does what he can to make me happy.
  10. On our first date, he made me laugh until my face hurt.
  11. He doesn't mind doing the dishes.
  12. He always kills the bugs.
  13. On our two-month dating anniversary, he walked four miles with blue hair to bring me two red roses and see me march at the football game that night.
  14. He calls me "woman" sometimes, in jest. I find it funny every time.
  15. He's always willing to run down to the grocery store to get what I need.
  16. He abbreviates things he usually says in emails and texts. Example: KUTGW=Keep Up The Good Work
  17. He has been very supportive as I go through this grad school application circus.
  18. He began to follow Cleveland sports teams because of me. I sure can't say I started following the Yankees for him, so I think that's nice.
  19. He says I am a "fireball." I'm not sure that's true, but if it is, I love him for putting up with it.
  20. He loves to experiment with cooking, and he's really pretty good at it.
  21. He likes to read really boring (to me) books.
  22. He plays with my hair all the time.
  23. He's great at small talk and is very polite.
  24. When he gets a little tipsy, he gets very smiley.
  25. When he says "thank you, " it has a little southern twang to it. I like it every time I hear it.
  26. He loves to think about things and challenges me to do the same.
Wow. I expected that to be a little tough - to think of 26 unique and random things that I love about my husband - but really, I felt limited by my cutoff of 26. I could make posts and posts listing what I love about that man.

Eric, you're the best husband ever. Thanks for letting me spend the last 10 years of your life with you. I'm looking forward to all the rest even more! Happy Birthday!


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