Monday, December 7, 2009

And Now It's Winter

Like, all of a sudden.

As of last week I was still marveling (and knocking on wood) at how much warmer the temperatures have been compared to last year. Even at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting - sure, the rain was disgusting and awful, but the actual temperature was very pleasant compared to last year.

Then all of a sudden, over the weekend, the sky started to look a little wintery. The temperatures have now dropped by a good 10-15 degrees at least. The winds are a bit more bone-chilling. And Saturday, we were treated to a day of wintery mix, which in my opinion is the nastiest of all nasty weather. Is it rain? Is it ice? Is it snow? Answer: It's all of the above. And it's awful.

So now I'm cold. And Achilles is cold, too. In light of these recent developments, I thought it was appropriate to give Achilles his Christmas gift a little early this year:

Yes, that's right. DOG SNUGGIE. Come on, you knew it had to happen. Don't say I didn't warn you! How could I ever pass up the opportunity for this picture?:

Awesome. We could totally be in a Snuggie advertisement or something, don't you think?

So, even though winter is now upon us, you all can rest easy in the knowledge that we are warm and toasty in this household!


Molly said...

Haha! I've been waiting for this one! Hilarious!

Debbie said...

You guys are too cute!

Becky said...

I think you should send it in to the Snuggie company - they just might use it! Too cute.