Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Little Ballerina!

Ballerina Ellie!

The Tuesday after we returned from Disney, Ellie had her spring ballet recital. Given how it went last time, what with all the not dancing and the pouting and all, we went in to this one with clearly modified expectations.

Just the sulkiest sulk you ever saw at the Christmas recital

We didn't expect much, but we did hold on a to a glimmer of hope after Ellie did the hand motions at her Easter school program. Maybe, just maybe, she would do it this time. For the Easter show, Ellie had told me that she didn't want me to come watch her, so we all lied through our teeth and told her we wouldn't, then snuck in the back at the last minute and hid while we watched her. Maybe that was all it took, because she participated!

So, we took the same approach this time. She said she didn't want us to watch, so we told her we'd go in with her and get her situated with her class and then wait outside. Lies, my friends. Every word of it. But she bought it. Four-year-olds are so gullible!

As promised, I got her lined up with her class, then the rest of us hung out in our seats off to the side. Ellie's class was the fourth group to perform, so we didn't have to wait long before the big moment was upon us. Eric and I snuck to the back to video and take pictures.

And you guys. SHE DID IT.

It's happening!!!!


It's really happening!!!!


Such form! Such grace!

I don't know what the difference was this time versus last. Maybe it was just age and maturity. Maybe it was that she didn't have us front and center in her face this time. Maybe it was that she didn't get up on stage and look for a bunch of people she couldn't find. Maybe it was because this recital was held in the Family Life Center at her preschool church, a place she's familiar with. Maybe it's because we weren't running late for the recital this time. Maybe she just straight up felt like dancing this time and she didn't last time. With Ellie, it could be anything, but whatever made her decide against dancing last time was a non-factor this time and she was the prettiest little ballerina on that stage.

Look at her go! Her little one-legged skip was a particular highlight.

Just like last time, there were moments when she was the odd-man out—the only one sitting, for example. But this time, it wasn't because she was frozen in a defiant pout; it was because she was the only one really following along and doing what she was supposed to do. It was night and day to her first show!

Ellie is the only one seated like the teacher!

I can't even describe how proud I was, watching her dance. This, my friends, was the moment I've been waiting for since the ultrasound tech said, "It's a girl!" She danced her little heart out, she did it well, and she enjoyed it. I nearly cried.

Pleased with her well-deserved flowers after the show!

Please, watch for yourself!:

VIDEO: Ellie's ballet recital!
(Please excuse the excessive shakiness at the beginning! I was moving around trying to find the best spot to video without being spotted!)

After her class finished, we went out into the garden to take some pictures and let the kids run off some energy.

Lovely arabesque!

E.J. wanted to dance, too!

Post-show sibling love

Twirly skirt!

She can't stop dancing!

Happy kids!

We returned to the recital to see the instructors dance at the end. Ellie watched so nicely and applauded sweetly at the end.

Such a prim and proper ballerina!

After the recital, we went home to celebrate with pizza. What a great night! We are so proud of our ballerina Ellie!

Love this little dancer to pieces!

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