Friday, May 13, 2016

Disney, Pt. 6: Pool Day

After all our racing and theme-parking fun was done, we spent one last morning in Orlando to round things out. Our hotel room had a nice view of the hotel pool, complete with floats and pool noodles and a big pirate ship and a water slide, and the kids were itching for their turn in the water all weekend. On Tuesday morning, we indulged them!

The pool was perfect for Ellie: it had a zero-entry end and the water got deep very gradually, so she was able to walk out quite a ways and still touch the ground. She didn't even want to wear her octopus float! She had a blast playing in the water and has been asking to go back to a pool ever since. E.J., on the other hand, took a tumble pretty early on and decided he did NOT care for this pool business, so he mostly stayed on dry land and used pool noodles as light sabers. To each their own, I suppose.

Our little mermaid!

He looks pool-ready!

Light saber battle

This whale raft was a hit with our family.

He did let me take him in to feel the splashing water!

Eric and Ellie, venturing out towards the ship

When we finished at the pool, we checked out of the hotel, loaded up our car and went over to Disney Springs for a little more souvenir shopping.

Ellie in the Lego Store

Unfortunately, they didn't have what we were looking for (a Goofy Darth Vader toy for E.J.), so we had to make another stop at a resort gift shop. Then we were on our way home, with Goofy Vader and a new Rapunzel playset in hand.

Fast asleep on the way home, Goofy Darth Vader in hand (also the box from Ellie's Rapunzel playset, because of all the toys we bought, the box is what they both wanted to play with, and they bickered over it quite a bit. Because kids are the worst.)

And that was the end of our trip! It was an awesome one!

So awesome, in fact, that it got us to do something a little crazy...but more on that next week. Happy weekend!

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