Thursday, September 24, 2015

Charlie's 3rd Birthday Party

This past weekend we made the trip back down to St. Pete for another birthday celebration: our nephew Charlie's 3rd birthday party!

The party was held at at a rec center with a great indoor play area for kids. As soon as we arrived, the kids were outfitted with wristbands and socks and let loose in the small kids' area. They both had a great time, and let me tell you: a padded room full of stuff to climb on is exactly what E.J. needs. That kid was unstoppable! Ellie even played and climbed the whole time, too!

And they're off!

E.J. is ready to brave the slide!

Everybody's blurry, but that's kind of just how it was! E.J., Ellie and Charlie having fun!

Hanging out by the punching bags

There he goes!

E.J. and Charlie

Ellie having fun with the big yoga balls in the "cave!"
(Interesting that she is "trapped" underneath the very same type of ball that she basically held me hostage on for the first four months of her life. The tables have turned, my dear.)

After a good stretch of playtime, it was time for lunch. The group moved into the party room, where they served pizza and juice boxes. After everyone ate, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Charlie and enjoyed some cupcakes.

Lunch time!

Singing to Charlie

Blowing out his candle

Ellie is always happy to see a nice chocolate cupcake! (Which she apparently eats frosting first?)

Then, it was back to the play area for a little bit, until we'd had our fill. Luckily, the kids were getting to be pretty over it just as our time was running out, so that worked out perfectly. They had a great time!

There they go!

Peek-a-boo, E.J.!

Weeeee! He loved the slide!

Ellie in the train

E.J. and Aunt Kelley

Ellie loves Aunt Kelley!

Happy birthday, Charlie!

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