Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Celebrating 17 Years at the Beach

Phew, I took another little blog hiatus there! So, let's backtrack a little bit.

We had a very rain-filled Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, we planned to go down to St. Augustine for their 450th anniversary celebration, but it started pouring rain (like, torrential downpour) within minutes of our arrival at our destination. So, we called it and outlet shopped instead. On Sunday, we wanted to go to the beach, but again, as we were pulling into the beach parking lot, it started raining buckets. Then on Monday, we planned to go to the last Jacksonville Suns game of the season. We bought our tickets and went inside, and had just enough time to wander through the gift shop before the rain delay (and eventual game cancellation) kicked in. What a soggy weekend, indeed.

I'll share some pictures from the game in my next post, but today I wanted to talk more about our beach day. See, Eric and I made these plans to go to the beach over Labor Day weekend for a very special reason: Labor Day this year marked 17 years since Eric first asked me to be his girlfriend, and he did so the very first time we went to the beach together. So, it seemed fitting to go back to the beach, now with our two kids in tow, as a little mini-celebration.

So, we loaded up the car, covered everyone with sunblock and headed out there (no small feat, my friends). And right as we arrived, the rain started. We decided to just park and sit in the car for a few minutes to see if it would blow over, and eventually our patience was rewarded. As it started to clear out, we got out and decided to walk along the boardwalk and out on the pier to let things dry out a bit.

Not ideal beach weather

Family photo on the pier! The sun is shining!


Piggyback problems

Convinced the rain would continue to stay out over the ocean and let us have some beach fun, we returned to the car for our things and made the most of the rest of our morning. We ended up having a really nice time!

Honestly, this child.

Ellie loves playing in the sand!

Looking like a little baby model

Pretty Ellie!

Happy kids at the beach!

Chasing seagulls

"Kiss, E.J.!" (He obliged)


Handsome guys

Off to fetch some water in our buckets

Looking so big

Looking so big, too!

E.J. loves the waves!

Fun in the ocean with my boy!

I'm so glad we waited out the storm, because it was really a fun morning for all of us!

And I'm even more glad that Eric asked me something so life-changing on that Labor Day in 1998. It was the start of something really special!

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