Friday, August 29, 2014

Announcing E.J.

This is just a brief Friday post to share E.J.'s official birth announcement with you!

Given that E.J. was born during a big blockbuster weekend, we went in a cinematic direction with the announcement this time. Eric took the picture for this bad boy and I worked on putting it together in the hospital when E.J. was sick. A little trivia: the photo was even taken while in the hospital, and is carefully cropped to hide the gauze over his PICC line and monitors on his chest. What a sweet baby, to still look so content while posing for a photo with all that other stuff going on!

E.J.'s movie poster birth announcement!

(Last name edited for internet safety)

I'm just nuts about that little boy.

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Lauren Nicole said...

Loved it so much it was perfect and very original :-)