Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A New Addition to the Baseball Nursery

I shared E.J.'s baseball nursery with you back before he was born (though at the time, the name on the scoreboard was censored!), and it's something I'm very proud of. I love how it turned out! Granted, he hasn't spent much time in there yet, but now that we're finally home from the hospital for good, we can start enjoying it.

Ta-da! You can see the actual finished scoreboard now!

E.J. and Eric in the nursery

While I was Pinterest-ing for baseball nursery ideas, as an expectant mother is wont to do, I came across an idea for a birth record for E.J. that was very on theme and very cool. After he was born, we ordered it right away.

This birth record is a personalized baseball bat from Texas Timber Co. They will engrave the end of the bat with the baby's name and relevant details, and - here's the coolest part, in my opinion - will cut the bat to the same length as baby was at birth. So now, E.J. has this baseball bat that is as long as he was when he was born, and I can't wait to watch it (seemingly) get smaller and smaller as he grows up and gets bigger and bigger!

E.J. showing off his bat! (2.5 weeks old and in the hospital in this picture)

Pretty cool, right? (Last name removed to protect the innocent!)

Now we just have to hope the little guy actually likes baseball...

So far he seems somewhat unimpressed.

(NOTE: This is not a paid post. Texas Timber Co. does not know I exist; I just thought their product was cool and wanted to share!)

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