Friday, January 31, 2014


Well, I think we're just about all caught up from my December blog hiatus. I have spent the entire month of January talking about the December holidays, but life hasn't stopped while I've been backtracking. So, let's get OFFICIALLY all caught up once and for all. This is our January in a nutshell:

Ellie rocked her first pigtails.

It's too much.

Because you can't just waste a 'do like that hanging around the house, we took Ellie to catch a weekday matinee of Frozen at the actual theater. Like real people! She has been to the movies a couple times before (as a wee babe), but this was her first time since being able to walk and talk. She LOVED it and left the theater saying, "Bye, Princess! I love you, Princess! Hug, Princess! Kiss, Princess!" and I nearly died. Since then we've had a nonstop refrain of "Princess 'puter? Snowman 'puter?" as she asks to watch either "Let It Go" or "In Summer" on YouTube. We've created a monster.

I'm surprised the popcorn didn't also get "I Love Yous" and hugs and kisses because she nearly ate her weight in the stuff.

We also took Ellie to a bouncy-house sort of place for the first time. HATED IT.

That's why they inflate these things, right? So you can sit on your dad's lap and pout and suck your thumb?

She has, however, been enjoying taking her doll stroller for walks.

Now this is more her speed.

Eric loves a good artsy shot.

We also had a couple of visitors this month: our friend Jeff came down from D.C. for a weekend, and my mom came up for a couple of days.

Ellie walking hand-in-hand with her Godfather Jeff

Ellie and Grammy at the mall play area

My mom brought Ellie a new rain jacket and a pair of rain boots, which Ellie became smitten with and insisted on wearing day after day despite clear, sunny skies. This week, when we finally had some rainy weather, she was thrilled to be able to actually put her rain gear to use.

Sporting the latest in toddler rain fashion

She has also received some new clothes that she has enjoyed modeling.

"Strike a pose, Ellie!"

And speaking of clothes, check out the Bat Twins...:

My Batfamily

...and the Hat Twins:

Oh, these two.

We also took an evening trip down to St. Augustine to check out their Nights of Lights, which is supposed to be one of the best holiday light displays in the world (so-named by National Geographic in 2011 and 2012). Unfortunately not everything was lit when we went, but it was still quite lovely.

Buildings along the waterfront all lit up 


Walking through an illuminated park

Speaking of beautiful sights, Eric enjoyed some lovely sunrise views (one of the few perks of his early school start time):

Hashtag no filter!

As for Achilles, he continued to battle his tongue control issues.

It's just sad.

And as for me, I had another regular check-up with my OB and all looks well with the baby. We have our anatomy scan next Thursday, which means that by this time next week we'll know if Plus One is a little Eric Jr. or a Meghan Jr.! Aside from that, I just continue to get round.

17 weeks!

And that was our January!


Lauren said...

You look fabulous mama, can't wait to find out boy or girl!!!! :-)

Meghan said...

You look adorable! I love that Ellie is now enamored with the movies! She has grown up so fast!