Monday, January 20, 2014

W. Family Christmas

After our Christmas celebration with my family on Friday, December 20, we declared Saturday, December 21 as "W. Family Christmas Day" and had our celebration with Eric's family. We were so thrilled that all siblings, spouses and babies were able to make it! That has only happened twice since we've lived in Florida (last Christmas, and Charlie's birthday party in September). We were especially glad the babies could spend their Christmas together yet again, as I would love for Ellie to be as close with her cousins as I am with mine.

The two babies sure have changed a lot since last Christmas, that's for sure! This year they're both walking (a new development for Charlie!), talking, little people instead of the fussy little blobs (adorable blobs, but still blobs) of last year. See for yourself:

Ellie and Charlie (with their dads), Christmas 2012

Charlie and Ellie, Christmas 2013

So, the kids were lots of fun! As soon as everyone was gathered and we were ready for presents, the kids jumped right into the action.

Charlie looks like he's in heaven!

Everyone went to town on their gifts, and we all received some lovely things. Ellie got some great gifts from Great-Gramz, both useful and fun (including a Florida Gators cheerleading dress, which she insisted on putting on immediately), a big ol' bag of fun stuff from Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Stephanie and Charlie, and the be-all, end-all of Elmo gifts: an Elmo Fathead from Aunts Kelley and Phyllis. That is one lucky kid!

Ellie helping to distribute gifts

Sporting her new Gators dress

Checking out one of Charlie's new books

The kids both got new baseball caps

Gramz checking out her new Ellie calendar

Toni opening her gift from Ellie (a two-sided frame with a pic of Ellie on one side and a piece of original Ellie artwork on the other)

Ellie is happy about Lambie, her favorite part of her gift from Uncle Ronnie & Co.

Hugs for Elmo Fathead! (We've already hung the biggest stickers, but still have to figure out where all we want to put the rest!

After exchanging gifts, it was time for dinner (delicious lasagna graciously made by Kelley)...

"Hey guys, didn't somebody say something about dinner?"

That's more like it!

...and general family fun time.

Charlie and Ronnie

Ronnie and Gramz

Charlie laughing at goofy Uncle Eric

Ellie making Auntie Kelley laugh with her "Y"

Gramz and Eric

Ellie laughing at her silly family

Thanks again to the W. Family for making time for an early celebration with us. It was so nice to be with all of you and we can't wait to see you again soon!

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