Monday, July 22, 2013

The Internet Knows Everything

You may recall that quite a while back I plugged in a childhood photo of Eric and a childhood photo of me into to merge our faces and estimate what our future baby would look like. The results were quite cute, actually, although I wondered how accurate they would be come baby time.

Well, we all know that Ellie turned out to be quite cute, but how exactly does she compare to our MorphThing?

Hey, let's find out:

I mean, her real eyes are more blue, and her hair parts to the opposite side, but other than that, MorphThing was really close, right??? Who would've thought? The internet predicted my baby!

In light of Princess Kate preparing to give birth at any moment (oh, the excitement!), I couldn't help but wonder if she ever MorphThing-ed pictures of Prince William and herself to see a rough draft of the royal baby. Then, I realized she doesn't have to, because MorphThing totally already did it for them (follow the link to see the results!). Can I just say, bless Princess Kate for going through pregnancy, labor and delivery with the whole world watching and betting on the baby's sex and stats, names, and especially, when she'll go into labor in the first place. I've been nine months pregnant before, and it brings with it an irritability that cannot be matched, so I have great respect for anyone who can handle all that pressure and hounding (no matter how well-meaning it may be) from just their friends, family, coworkers, and strangers on the street - let alone the whole world - with grace.

In other birth-related news, today is my birthday! I am 31 years old today. I'm missing Eric for sure, but I've spent some quality time with my family in the past few days and my sister and I will be spending the day together today. And Ellie was so excited to celebrate with me this morning that she woke up at 5:00 a.m.! "Happy birthday, Mama! Have a wicked tired day!" Thanks, Ellie. You shouldn't have. REALLY.

Have a good Monday, my friends! And go, royal baby, go!

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Lauren said...

That is too crazy!!! I know what you mean about the royal baby craze, she is so strong for going through it all haha.
and of course HAPPY belated Birthday girl!