Monday, July 15, 2013

Sawgrass Lake Park

Last Thursday, I had grand plans to take Ellie to a children's museum that were wholly thwarted by her random boycotting of naptime. After she finally did nap, it was getting too late in the day for any big outing, but we needed to get out of the house. So, my dad and I took her to Sawgrass Lake Park for a little walk.

Sawgrass is just a few streets away from my dad's house, and I remember going there somewhat frequently years and years ago, but it has been quite some time since I've been back. I remember walking through there and spotting lots of wildlife (alligators, armadillos, birds) so I knew Ellie would love it.

Danger! Do not feed or molest the alligators!

And love it she did. We first walked out to the Observation Tower and spent quite a bit of time letting her run around and check out the scenery, which she did with great delight. And when other passersby came through, she would happily lead them to the railing while chatting them up and pointing out all the must-see sights. She seems to have inherited our tour-guiding gene!

View from the Observation Tower 

Taking it all in

 Left: Ellie signing "bird" while sporting a windblown look; Right: Happy girl enjoying a scenic view!

When we had enough observation, we kept on along the boardwalk.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Ellie walking with her Papa 

Are you coming, Mama?

As we walked, we spotted some alligators and Ellie did some interacting with Spanish moss.

Well this is interesting.

Sharing her moss. Such a kind and giving soul!

After looping the second half of the park we ended up along the canal, where Ellie had a great time watching for various sea birds (and passing dogs).

View along the canal

Ellie on bird patrol

It was really nice to turn a day that looked like it was going to be a bust into a pretty nice little afternoon. I am disappointed in myself that I didn't take Ellie to Sawgrass earlier, after seeing how much she enjoyed it (and knowing that it is only an easy bike ride away). Our social calendar for our remaining 2.5 weeks in St. Petersburg is quickly filling up, but if we have some more free time, I'll try to bring Ellie back to Sawgrass. Such a pretty natural space in the middle of suburbia!

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