Monday, July 8, 2013


So now that I've spent the better part of the past three weeks recounting our Midwestern Road Trip adventures, we need to play a little catch-up. Because as I was going on and on about all that fun stuff, life continued happening, as it tends to do. So let me bring you up to speed as to what we've been doing since our return to Florida.

Eric is off in Jacksonville, being kept rather busy at Teach for America Institute, but I'll share more about that in a separate post later this week.

As for Ellie and me, we have...

Chased birds:

She's serious about bird-chasing.

Made silly faces:

Red fish, blue fish.

Debuted some awesome bedhead:

You know I totally put a bow in that and made her rock it all day, right?

Spent a good bit of time hanging out by the pool, much of it in the company of my dad and sister:

Top: Ellie and her Aunt Heather understand the importance of staying hydrated; Ellie in her luxurious new car pool float, courtesy of the Target Dollar Spot
Middle: Playing in the hose with Auntie Heather; Two bathing beauties
Bottom: Swimming with Papa; Just being generally adorable

Spent a day at my mom's house, where Ellie ran around in only her accessories (beads and shoes), splashed in the fountain and learned what sound chickens make:

Left: She gets the importance of accessories to complete an outfit, now we just have to work on stressing the importance of the outfit itself.
Right: Ellie watching the chickens; Splashing in the fountain

VIDEO: Ellie tells us what sound chickens make!

Checked out my sister's latest show at Busch Gardens (Madagascar Live - Ellie was a big fan!):

Top: Heather on stage!
Bottom: Ellie got a smooch from the star of the show; Ellie and her Auntie with the penguins (Ellie's second favorite part of the show, of course)

Visited with my Aunt Kathy (who was in town from Michigan) and my grandma:

Left: Games with Great Aunt Kathy; Right: Visiting with her Great-Grandma; Splashing in the pool with Great Aunt Kathy

Endured afternoon upon afternoon of thunderstorms (keeping us inside quite a bit and making us very stir-crazy):

A few moments outside after yet another storm - just enough time to investigate this crazy pipe with water coming out of it.

Marveled at the awesome skies those thunderstorms left behind:

Top: Stormy skies; View of a funnel cloud from our backyard. One night I stood outside for about 10 minutes and saw funnel cloud after funnel cloud dropping. As soon as one went back up, another came down. I had never before seen anything like it.
Bottom: Cotton candy clouds; Gorgeous (double!) rainbow

Met up with friends at a library in Tampa to hear Tampa Bay Ray Evan Longoria read some stories to promote the "Reading with the Rays" program:

Top: Evan Longoria at the library
Bottom: Ellie is all, "do you people see this furry thing behind me?!"; Us with Raymond!

Enjoyed a weekend visit from Eric:

Sweet girl has got a hold on her daddy and she does not want to let go.

Ellie and Eric, hard at work on their laptops

Ran amok in Publix:

Supermarket shenanigans!

Spent a nice afternoon visiting with Gramz and Toni:

Left: Smelling a flower her Great-Gramz gave her
Right: Ellie and her Nonnie, just catching some rays; Ellie making friends with Gramz's dog

Had breakfast for dinner at IHOP with my Dad (sidenote: how much of an Apple junkie am I that I totally just almost wrote that restaurant name as "iHop"?):

It's interesting.

And spent an afternoon chasing birds and toting buckets around at the beach with my mom:

Top: "I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George." (or, if you prefer a Finding Nemo reference, "I will call him Squishy, and he will be mine, and he will be my Squishy." Take your pick.)
Bottom: Playing with Grammy; Carrying her bucket all over the place

We have been very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to help keep us busy in Eric's absence, and I think we've been making the most of our last weeks in St. Petersburg. We still have a few more weeks to go, though, so let's see what other fun adventures they will bring!


Meghan said...

I simply love the bird pic! It looks like you've been keeping super busy while the hubs is away!

Lauren said...

You two sure have been keeping busy, adorable pic!