Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Bonding Time

On the Wednesday of our Florida trip, while her Daddy was golfing with Uncle Ronnie, Ellie got to spend some quality time with her Grandpa and Auntie Heather. First, she spent the morning playing on the floor with Grandpa...

That Grandpa is such a character!

Team tummy time

Then, Auntie Heather showed up for some floor fun.

Hi, Auntie Heather!

Auntie Heather also took Ellie for a tour of the backyard. Ellie was particularly interested in the bottle brush trees.

Check this out...


We also spent some time sitting outside enjoying the nice evening before Auntie Heather had to go back to work.

Naked baby in a hat!

It's so fun to watch Ellie interacting with her family!

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