Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bust a Move

One of the many questions my doctors ask me at every weekly appointment is: "Is Baby still moving regularly?" I always answer with a chuckle and an, "oh, yeah" because it honestly feels like this child never stops moving. I don't know if it's that she's a fidget like her dad, or aspires to be an aerobics instructor like her grandmother, or a performer like her auntie, or what. Or maybe all my referring to her as "Chubs" has already given her a complex and she's trying to burn some calories. Or, maybe she's just running out of space and trying to make a little wiggle room. (To which I say, THERE'S TONS OF SPACE OUT HERE, BABY! HEAD FOR THE NEAREST EXIT!) Whatever her motivation, it feels like she's constantly in motion and sometimes, it's even a bit violent.

I've been trying to capture her antics on video for weeks, but maybe my "she wants to be a performer like her auntie" theory is false, because every time I turn on the camera, she stops moving. She'll basically be punching holes in my stomach all day but as soon as I turn on that camera, all of a sudden it's naptime. Maybe it's stage fright? Maybe she's just kind of a brat already? It's hard to say.

The joke's on her, though, because I am no longer working so I have nothing to do all day except sit around with the camera aimed at her, waiting for some action. On Tuesday, I was finally able to capture some of her movements on film. Granted, as soon as I would turn the camera off she would basically do cartwheels, so what you see is not the best she's got. But hey, I got her!

I can't believe I'm about to post video evidence of my bare belly on the internet, but I figured some of you (hi, family!) might get a "kick" out of seeing this (pun totally intended). And at least it's the top part of my belly that has been spared any stretch marks (so far, at least). You're welcome for that kindness.

Without further ado, I present to you just under a minute's worth of what my day is like with Baby Girl in my belly:

VIDEO: Baby Girl moving in my belly! 
(No need to adjust your volume, there's no sound in this video.)

I do love that little fidget to bits already. I can't wait for her to get here so I can see what all these bumps and rolls translate to when she's on the outside!


Lauren said...

Haha she def wants out and soon! ;-) Thanks for sharing, I remember when Kristina used to post these when she was pregnant with Ava!

Dad said...

Why does this look like a scene from "look who's talking"?

Can't wait to meet her.

Krystal said...

hahahaha okay i am SOOO naive with this whole baby thing and everyone would say they saw their baby move but i didnt know it looked like... THAT! eep! hahaha it's not scary i just never had the chance to witness that... i suppose it's only a matter of time before i start to look that way too !

AD said...


Meghan said...

I cannot wait for you to finally meet her and read all about it!